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    Heather A

    First time poster. We have 3 huskies, in the past 4 days 2 of them have had allergic reactions (muzzle swelling, itching, biting paws, hives, nausea). For the life of us we can’t figure out WHAT is causing it. The only thing we can think of, is that we opened a new bag of dog food (Purina One Chicken and Rice). It is the same food they’ve eaten since puppies, but a new bag…is there a way to check if the formula has changed, or any other advice as to what it could be? Only 2 of the dogs are affected, they all eat the same thing. If it was just one dog we would have thought it was something he got in to, but then 2 days later, a different dog, same symptoms. We live in the North East…so no bees, spiders, grasses to cause allergies. They have not eaten the christmas tree, not gotten into trash, the ground is covered in snow….we’re at a loss….Thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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