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    I was at Pet Stock yesterday & I was looking at the EarthBorn Ocean Fusion, then I met a Nutro Natural Choice rep, I told her how Patch has IBD & Colitis & how he’s on Eukanuba Intestinal & I want to put him on something better..I also told her that Patch cant have a high fat or fiber or Protein diet, she explained that “Nutro” isnt the same company as the “Nutro” in America & the Chicken & ingredients all comes from Australia all home grown & made…Chicken is from Country Tamworth, Lamb is from New Zealand & fish is from Tasmania then she gave me samples of the Adult Chicken & rice Formula.. I need help with these ingredients here they are…… Chicken, Ground Rice, Rice Flour, Dried Beet Pulp, Chicken Fat, Natural Flavours, Sunflower Oil, Iodised salt Essential Minerals (including potassium chioride,zinc sulphate, iron sulphate copper sulfate Potassium iodide selenium) Natural Antioidants then the list goes on with vitamins & Marigold Meal.. the fiber on this kibble is 5% fat-13% & Protein-22%..dont forget Patch has a sensitive tummy so I need the low Protein. & this kibble seems as close to his Eukanuba Intestinal minus the corn grites & other junk.. Im worried about the Dried Beet Pulp being the 4th ingredient its in his Intestinal but its 6th ingredient, Im just worried this is a fiber being 4th will there be alot.. Im ringing Nutro tommorrow to get the % on the Chicken, Dried beet pulp, what else should I ask Nutro???…He loves the kibble as Ive been giving some just as a treat, poor thing being on a limited diet, he’d eat anything.. I cant get alot of the American kibbles that are Limited ingredient ones, so its either Nutro, Canidae or Earthborn but the Earthborn has flaxseed & Potatoes something I dont want..

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    Dried beet pulp is something that many of my fellow Greyhound owners hold in high regard due to loose stools being a common problem. I actually bought a 25 lb bag (the smallest I could find) of the stuff to add into my dogs food. It had absolutely no effect on him good or bad. Can you buy a small bag of the kibble and see how it goes? I gave up on large bags as I ended up donating most of them when thing didn’t work out.

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