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    Sue S

    Hello, I need help ASAP. We currently an almost 1 year “Goldador” (Golden & Lab mix). She is 82 lbs. The vet put her on Science Diet (Pup Large Breed) since we first started taking her for shots, etc. She was okay for a while, but now I can’t think of the last time she either didn’t have diarrhea or at least super soft stools. She has been put on varies meds and nothing works for very long. A paste locks her up for awhile and then, she is back to being soft. So concerned and frustrated. Even though, her stools checked out fine with lab, she is on baby-food mixed with de-wormer crap and we switched to the adult science dog food/healthy weight. I’M SO DONE WITH SCIENCE DIET!!! It’s not working!!
    Can anyone tell me what puppy/large breed dog food that they have had success with? Also, should it be grain-free? Has anyone used “Dinovite” for large breed puppy or just when they are an adult? Also, she will eat and then have to go right after. Is their IBS in dogs? HELP, HELP, HELP! She eats dry! Thank you so much for any views or recommendations please!

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    Craig C


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    Immediately stop feeding everything you just listed.

    Fast her by skipping one meal as you run out and get a bag of Zignature Zssentials, dry grain free kibble for all ages, #1 for pups with various allergies (which you can do a test panel for).

    Take a poop sample and test it for Clostridium (a separate test from the regular Giardia fecal test). Have the vet give her a short IV fluid treatment for severe dehydration.

    After test results/or possible antibiotics treatment, get Proviabal (2-day paste, 10 day probiotic pill sprinkle over food).

    I went thru the same thing and I had to figure all this out myself, took years. I’d also look to finding a new vet.

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    Patricia A

    Sue my now 16 year old dog always had trouble with loose stools and very slowly switched her to Fromm years ago. Her coat got soft and no more stool problems. I also topped with a little Health Extensions chicken canned. She never did well with the beef or turkey. Advisor gave this five stars. So the Fromm I’ve been giving is Fromm Four Star Nutritionals. Did really well with the Salmon al Veg. The Four Star comes in several different proteins which you can rotate when done with one bag. Fromm also has grain free Four star Nutrionals but has higher fat so not sure if that would work. Please stay away from Science Diet.

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    Kenneth A


    I experienced a similar problem with my previous Labrador when I fed him Blue Brand Dog Food. I switched him over to a different brand and things improved very quickly. Science Diet may be a good food but your dog is not processing it correctly. As zcRiley posted above many of the Pet Stores I have recently visited highly recommend Zignature Essentials for dogs with sensitive digestive systems.

    Good luck and let us know how this works out.


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    Amy N


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    Sue S

    Hello, Thanks for the greatly appreciated feedback. I will keep you all posted.

    zcRiley – We have already done the Proviabal (2-day paste, 10 day probiotic pill sprinkled over food), plus the antibiotics) and poor thing, her soft stools ALWAYS come back. 🙁 Her poop sample has been tested a couple of times and nothing comes back bad. However, I will look into testing for “Clostridium” as suggested. Hadn’t hear about that until you suggested it zcRiley. Thank you! I will check out the Zignature Zessentials, dry grain free kibble for all ages. Can you tell me where to buy that? I don’t see any info. for it on advisor.

    I can’t immediately stop feeding what she was on because I need slowly go to feeding another brand, from everything I hear and read. It’s too hard on their tummy if you do. I will tell all of you this……Science Diet is going away and as soon as I can!!

    Patricia A – I will also check out Fromm Four Star Nutritionals. Thank you!! I didn’t know that grain-free food would have a higher fat either, so I appreciate that information as well.

    Kenneth A – Thank you for your feedback as well and I you already answered my question to zcRiley about where to buy! I’ll check out the pet store today! Thank you so much!!

    I will provide feedback as soon as possible (promise). I REALLY appreciate everyone’s involvement and “Lacey” can’t thank you enough either!! Woof!! 🙂

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    Kenneth A


    I live in Raleigh, NC and Pet People is a local pet store that only carries what I would classify as quality, higher rated pet foods. Pet People carry Fromm, Zignature, Acana, Orgin, etc.

    Good luck!

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    Sue S

    Hi Kenneth A – Thanks again for your feedback. We unfortunately don’t have a “Pet People” here. I live in Peoria, AZ. Looks like right now, “” is who I can get the Zignature from. Not sure yet on the Fromm.

    We do however have a “Pet Plant”, but they don’t say on their website what they carry, so I’m going to stop by and see. Almost done with the Science Diet though (thank goodness).

    The Vet did want her to start taking “Royal Canine – Hydrolyzen Protein” (with nothing else, not even treats) to try and settle her tummy down. (My daughter has a “Puggle Mix”, who is on the Royal Canine too and lives with us). I didn’t want to switch again, but I will once I see if this is helping at all). Vet claims she should get getting better by Friday and wants a report too.

    Right now, I think I’m going with “Zignature Zessential” from everything I’ve read on it.
    I did notice that it has more meat protein too. I like that it is for all ages (including puppy). I’m still doing my homework on Fromm too.

    I’ll keep you posted.
    ~ Sue

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