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    Mackenzie S

    Hi there, I have an 8 month old golden retriever and need to figure out what adult food to switch her to. She is on Hills Science Diet Large Breed Puppy lamb meal and loves it. Based on the embarrassingly amount of hours i’ve spent researching dog foods i’m still stumped. I noticed that majority of the top editors foods are “grain free,” however i’ve read numerous studies regarding grain free foods being a common factor in golden’s who have died at an early age from DCM because of low taurine levels.

    If grain free foods can be the cause of this then why are they the tops picks? Are there grain free foods with an adequate amount of taurine needed for these dogs?
    What should I switch her to? I do want to have her on a high quality food, but can’t figure out what direction to go


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    Foods are rated with certain criteria; go to the search here anf type in “how we rate dog food”. I suggest you ask your dogs breeder for advice on this or find a golden retriever forum.

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