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    Hello all, I’m new to this forum and new to the idea of feeding my dog anything better than the most fancy-healthy looking bag of food Safeway has to offer. It’s strange because I get my own food on the internet most of the time, but I still felt the need to haul 10 pounds in the snow for a limited selection of food for the dog. So any of your advice or experience that could help me pick the best choice for my fuzzball would be so very appreciated.

    The hungry pup in question is Laika, a tiny 1 year old, <10lbs pug mix with shiny black fur and a white paw. She seems hungry all the time because she’s always trying to eat every tiny thing that can fit in her mouth. I can’t let her go free on the floor unsupervised. She is super energetic and attached to people. Her favorite chew toys are human fingers and toes. She cries a lot like she wants something but i don’t know what. Does she need more food? Different food? Should she still be eating puppy food? How does one feed such a small creature?

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    First, pugs are always hungry and are vacuum cleaners. They pretty much eat anything and will seek out anything to eat. You can keep her on puppy food as they usually have more calories and she sounds quite energetic. Also a food made for puppies can be fed to adults as well and puppy kibbles are usually smaller. You want to feed her enough to keep her in a good body condition. There are several “Body Condition Score for dogs” on the internet to look at.

    The pretty, best looking package is just marketing. If you look at a bag of Beneful which looks very good, turn the bag over and read the ingredients. You can also read the ingredients in the Reviews. I disregard any packaging art and just look at the ingredient list and guaranteed analysis which are usually in small print on the back or side of the bag. These are actually government regulated. The artwork is not.

    I’ve had good experiences with ordering online dog food. I’ve only used Petflow so far but alot of folks use Chewy.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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