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    Shelly C

    My name is Shelly and my dog’s name is Nala. She is a 6 mos old Havanese. We have had feeding issues with her almost since we got her 3 mos. ago. We put her on NurtiSource as that is what the breeder was feeding her. She just didn’t seem to like it, vomited occasionally and would take forever to eat. The Vet wasn’t concerned with the vomiting as it was only about once-twice/week. However, she would wipe my mom’s dogs bowl clean anytime we brought her there and didn’t pick it up first. Unfortunately, my mom was feeding her dog a cheaper brand dog food that the Vet does not recommend ( Mom has since changed-it was purely lack of knowledge). So I went on the hunt for a food to change her to once her bag of NutriSource was near the end. After countless hours of research, I chose Merrick BackCountry with Raw Infused. Well that has been a disaster. We transitioned her over a week but her stools have progressively been getting softer and now last night she had explosive diarrhea in her kennel. The night before that it was two loose stools in her kennel. She has never pooped in her kennel and I am convinced it’s the new food and not anything else. So we are on the hunt for another food and I think I’ve found one. My question- sorry for the long backstory- is this- I am out of the NutriSource. I’d like thoughts on do I get another small bag of that and use it to transition her to the new one I want to try?, Do I cook rice and chicken and give her that a few days then transition with that to the new one? Or do I just go to the new one cold turkey? Thanks a billion if you’ve read this far and have any advice. I don’t really want to ask the Vet as he will only recommend Royal Canin, Hills, Iams or Eukanuba and I’m not sure I want to use those unless I cant find a L.I.D. that doesn’t work. (I am going to look closely again at the ingredients of both Royal Canin and HIlls when I go to Petco today- I’m just undecided and I know that’s what he’ll recommend)

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    My dog with a sensitive stomach and environmental allergies (treated by a dermatologist) did well on Nutrisca salmon as a base, for years.
    We are now using Zignature whitefish.
    Both are available at Chewy dot com.
    PS: Some dogs can switch foods with just minor reactions, such as loose or softer stools for two or three days, others may have diarrhea.
    Only one way to find out.
    Good luck

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    Shelly C

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely keep it in mind. There is actually a couple that I think may work well for her and Zignature is one of them. I’m more trying to figure out the best method to transition her since I am completely out of the original one that she did ok on but just didn’t really like, and I wont give her anymore of the new one. I appreciate the info.

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    It probably wouldn’t hurt to mix a little bit of bland chicken and rice in with the new food.
    At least for 3 or 4 days then slowly taper it off.
    I add things like chicken and plain chicken broth to their food anyway. I don’t trust dry food to be enough, I always add a little water too.

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    My recipe for dog friendly chicken broth 🙂


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    Kimberly S

    My Angel started with her Allergy to chicken as a puppy and it was explosive diarrhea, so be careful. I never in a million years thought a dog would have an allergy to chicken but turns out a lot of dogs do and they also have allergies to the grains too. Once I took her off the chicken and grains, unfortunately had no choice but to use the I.D diet by science diet to settle her GI upset for 10 days. Once that was settled, I used a grain free puppy food, and she was much better. In my girls case it was the chicken and grains causing her explosive diarrhea.
    Angel did have some loose stool during the transition but not diarrhea.
    Best of luck to you.

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