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    Stefanie F

    Dr Martys NATURE’S BLEND

    Any one know of it and have any good or bad thoughts about it?

    I have a small dog a bichon weight of around 14/15 pound he is about 8 now.

    I have been feeding for morning a tablespoon of fruit yogurt with probiotic powder mixed in. (He was getting 1/2 cup of cheerios but am no longer doing that due to the pesticides in them)

    Then at night 1/2 cup of mixed ORIJEN Dry Dog Food, Six Fish, and Acana Meadowlands Dry Dog .

    He also gets a lot of table veggies and fruits. He eats what ever I am having for fruit and veggies. So if I have bruss sprouts he gets them that night, If I have salad he will get tomato and cucumber. If I am eating an apple he will have some a well.

    He is a good begger.

    I have seen the lawsuit info on champion pet foods. I have read about the grain free is bad now. I also know neither ORIJEN or Acana have ever had a recall and it seems like every other brand has. (He eats this out of a a tug-a-jug to slow him down and keep him busy for a half hour)

    I am at a total loss of if I am doing good or bad by my dog.

    I can not go raw, and I do not have the time to cook for him daily. So I have to have either a freeze dried, kibble, or can I can take with me.

    I care for 3 elderly people all in different places and the dog comes with me so I have to have something I can easily toss in a bag and go as I never know where I am going to be.

    I did post something a few weeks back and got jumped on about giving him his tablespoon of fruit yogurt because of sugar. I always read fruit was good for dogs and he will not eat plain yogurt. So it seems even when I think I am doing good by him I am not.

    So I really need some advice.

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    Per the search engine


    Hope this helps!

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    Patricia A

    I don’t know if you’re bichon is a little overweight so that is your concern. Yes, between the fruit yogurt and even the fruit you give frequently that does contain sugar would start to put weight on a small dog. Sounds like you’re doing a good job but need maybe a little something so you don’t feel guilty when the begging starts. I give my small Chihuahuas a divided hard boiled egg in morning. It’s easy since I just boil maybe two the nights before. Has protein but not the sugar. Maybe you can substitute watermelon in tiny pieces instead of the apple. While watermelon does contain fruit sugar —fructose — like all other fruits, it’s nearly 92 percent water. Just because it tastes sweet doesn’t make it high in sugar. Also maybe a raw carrot when you want to keep him busy. But really can’t keep tossing food or will be overweight. Just a good back rub and a “oh you’re such a good boy” instead of the food. Hope this help.

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    Stefanie F

    Ann thank you so much. That is a big hep for the Dr Martys NATURE’S BLEND

    Now let me ask do you think I am doing right or wrong and should make a change or stick with what I am doing with the kibble I am feeding.

    Patrica thank you and to answer your question no weight is no problem at all. He is right where he should be for weight. He tends to put on a pound more in the winter but it comes right off once spring comes and we can get out more. But even with the 1 pound weight gain he is still in the normal weight for his size.

    What I am concerned with is if I am feeding him good food or I should be making a change.

    It is so hard because you give what you think is good food next thing you no they tell you grain free is bad or this brand is bad and i just do not know what to do or think any more.

    I do not want to poison my dog and I want to give him a good food.

    Sorry all I am just so overwhelmed and with everything in life I am looking to you all for some you are feeding ok or no give him this food instead.

    Thank you all for listening and the help.

    I wish I had the time and money to go raw of just cook for him myself but I do not.

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    How would I know?
    I am not a veterinarian. I am not a veterinary nutritionist.
    There are no veterinary healthcare professionals affiliated with this site.

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    Patricia A

    I know exactly how your feeling Stephanie. I was going nuts too between the recalls and now this DCM AND the thousands of brands and then reviews. Whether to give canned etc. Just going nuts with it all. I have three Chihuahuas’. One will be 17 in June. She has Mitral Valve disease . She still has quality of life. However she inspects her food for a few minutes in case I snuck in one of her heart pills. So at this point she gets all home cooked and I’ve found trick with her pills. Morning is wrapped in little piece of bread with a tiny bit of melted cheese . It works for NOW at least. Then comes boiled chicken, sweet potatoes mushed into a little canned fromm pate. At this point I am so glad she’s eating again and not trying all night with all kinds of foods, cans etc.
    Then I have my other two. One eats everything, anything. My other is a little picky. I can just HOPE I’m doing the best for them. I have been giving a little Stella chewys kibble along with a little Stella’s freeze dried or freeze dried primal as topper. I just add a little warm water so it’s much easier then cans. Not that costly since they are small dogs. I like to mix the protein AND the brand so it’s variety and also I feel safer if one brand lacks “something”. If we have chicken I just boil a little for them and skip the freeze dried and just add the kibble. Same with steak, fish etc. For treats I give Bixbi Rawwble. They are just tiny, round freeze dried. I throw them a few at night. So far so good with health and stomach. Fingers crossed. I’m finally relaxed and not always searching for something better.

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