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    I have a Boxer and she has horrible gas. Does any one know any thing that will help ?
    Do charcoal tablets work ? I have been told that it is normal for Boxers.
    I’m going to need a gas mask if nothing works

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    Well, I’ve heard that it’s normal for Boxers, too, but I’m not sure I believe any gas that’s constant and considered horrible is normal. Perhaps he needs a different food, but you definitely might try adding a probiotic to his diet. Some people use plain, natural yogurt but I’m not sure it’s always strong enough. Some use probiotics made for humans, but I always use those made for dogs. I like a few brands. Some are: Mercola Pets, Ark Naturals Gentle Digest, Vetri Science brand and Naturvet brand. There are many more brands, of course, but I hope this helps some.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    In addition to probiotics I’d also look into digestive enzymes.

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