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    Patricia O

    Hello my dear forum !
    I got my first and only dog about a year and a half ago ! He is the joy of my life but a very very very picky eater ! He does not like kibble (orijen), or canned food or raw food for that matter ! He wants me to hand feed him !!!!

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    Marilyn E

    Sounds like you are offering good food choices. What I’ve always heard is this: put the food down, leave it for 15 minutes or so, then pick it up. No more food till next scheduled mealtime. Repeat process. Eventually he will get hungry enough to eat. If that doesn’t work, I’d see a good animal behaviorist.

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    Richard B

    I’ve got two Maltipoos with the same problem. I want them to enjoy their food, but they hate anything I put in front of them. So, I’m doing the pick up after 15 minutes deal. They both went without food today. Their choice, and we will see what happens tomorrow morning. I’ve spent so much, tried all the great rated foods, kibble and wet, and they hate it all. So I have given up on finding a food they will enjoy, and I will settle for any great food now, and I think they will eat it when they get hungry enough.


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    Pat G

    You can also get some vitamin B from you veterinarian to stimulate their appetite.

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    To me, it sounds like you’re babying him. He only wants you to hand feed him because you have. Marilyn is right. Put the food town, leave for 15 min, pick up. No treats, nothing til the next meal.

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    Patricia O

    Thank u so much for your responses ! Yes i know I am the problem ! 🙂
    He is sooo spoiled !
    However now he has been eating this raw chicken drumstick all by himself without problems :)- however i am concerned he is not getting a balanced diet . So my question to u is what supplements should i give him so he gets a balanced diet 🙂
    I am adding so organ meat like giblets and liver …. Thank u guys !

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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