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    PetFoodStation.com or DogFoodDirect.com? If yes, your review?

    Also, I must not be very good with googling but anyone know how to find out if an online company has complaints?

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    I ordered from Dogfooddirect.com once. I was very annoyed when I ordered the newest version of a product, as pictured on their site, and they sent me the old formula. My communication with them made it feel kinda shady on their part. They corrected their mistake and sent me a label to return the incorrect product. I later placed another order from them, just to see how the experience was, and things went fine. Their shipping charges are fairly high though.

    I don’t have any experience with PetFoodStation.com though.

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    I ordered from dogfooddirect just one time. Both small bags of food that they sent me had expired by almost 5 months! I called them and they did correct it but i won’t use them again.

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    Thanks, ladies. I’ll skip dogfooddirect. The Farmina person I know says petfood station is out of Maryland, reputable & affiliated with Hearty Pet in Maryland. They carry mid size bags of Farmina which is why I asked.

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    TheHealthyPetStore.com carries Farmina & Horizon, free shipping over $49, in case anyone wants to know.

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    I’m going to check out Pet food station since i live in Maryland. Thanks!

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    I’ve never ordered from pet food direct, but I use their site all the time to do searches for food. I think they have the most user friendly pet food site. They also have more info on the food than the other sites, such as guaranteed analysis and sometimes even calories. I actually feel guilty that I haven’t actually ordered from them but their prices tend to be a little higher. LOL! I have ordered from Wag, Chewy, Amazon, and Petco all with good results. Now, I’m going to check out the other two mentioned above.

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    I love Chewy and wag.com They both have excellent customer service!

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