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    Kristin D

    I got all natural dog food that only has four ingredients; Green Beef Tripe, Water, Garlic, and Carrageenan Gum. I’ve heard mixed things about garlic. Some say it’s good for dogs some say it’s bad. So is it good or bad for dogs??? This food is by PetKind. Let me know about the other ingredients too!!! I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions!!!:) Thanks!!!

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    You would would have to feed an huge amount of garlic to be toxic.

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Kristen D:
    I believe several regular posters on DFA feed Petkind Tripe and it is rated well:

    Here’s a link to a discussion on garlic that covers both points of view:

    I feed my dog fresh garlic 3x/wk and also fed it to my previous dog without issues. Always keep in mind every dog’s threshold level varies whether it’s food, fat or protein %’s, medication, herbs, or spices etc; what is intolerable for one dog is tolerable for another.

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    Kristin D

    Okay, thank you guys so much!!!!! You guys are sooooooo helpful!!! I love the community on this forum!!!:D Everyone is so kind and helpful!!! I was on one dog forum for a very short period of time. I made a topic on who has a Dachshund or what kind of dog do you have?. Nobody posted for a while and I forgot that it was Christmas Eve(who knows why… Lol!!!)so I posted; “Helllllooooo??? Lol!!!”. I got some nice replies but most of the were mean. So I left the forum. I was just kidding too!!! Well, I guess some people take stuff WAY too seriously… Lol!!!

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    • This reply was modified 9 years, 10 months ago by Kristin D.
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    Hey Kristin,

    While I tend to agree that garlic is safe (despite having a dog who is intolerant of garlic), there are some others here who disagree; take a look at this thread: /forums/topic/garlic-onions-leeks/

    Also, you can try typing in keywords in the search box at the top of the page when you first click on the forum tab for more conversations about garlic, or any other specific topic for that matter. : )

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    Bobby dog

    Hi again Kristin:
    Did you notice Tripett is for supplemental feeding?

    I forgot you asked about the other ingredients too. I researched carrageenan when I first took an interest in what I feed my cats and dog. I found lots of info both pro and con. Most of the con, for both people and pets, was regarding it’s possible negative effect on digestive systems. I found info on its use in human food from one researcher, Dr. Tobacman who has been studying it for many years, but I can’t locate all of it. Europe has banned its use in baby formulas. I believe there are people and animals that can be affected by its use in food, others it may not.

    Here’s a newspaper article that mentions Dr. Tobacman’s research:

    This is one ingredient that is hard to avoid, but I do take it into consideration in regards to my rotation. I alternate with stews and other fresh foods so Bobby doesn’t eat it everyday. It’s harder to do for my cats because they are so picky and only like pate’s.

    Here’s some other articles (most of it is human info) if you’re interested:




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    Hi Ktistin-
    I started giving my dogs fresh garlic three times a week to help get rid of giardia along with a few other holistic remedies. They had no side effects and I believe it was detrimental in finally ridding them of parasites. Since then, I’ve learned that it can help with repelling fleas. So, in June I started giving them the Springtime Bug Off garlic granules. Fleas have been bad this year and I’ve not found one on either of my dogs and they are outside all day. I did however give them each a smaller than recommended dose of Advantage as well in July and September. My neoghbor’s dogs have been covered even with using the spot on flea meds. I’m a believer, but I only give about half the recommended dosage of the Bug Off because I’m still cautious of some of the worries others have. Welcome to DFA and have a great day!

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    Hi C4C

    You should go to Springtimes website and read about their garlic. They have information about the studies done with garlic telling how much garlic a dog would have to eat to be affected and they have the info about how their garlic is even safer than regular garlic. Horses have the same issues as dogs with garlic and being outside 24/7, they have biting fly issues. I use Springtime’s garlic for my horses and boy!, does it make a difference. I wouldn’t have any issues with using the full amount that they recommend for my dogs.

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