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    Eden M

    I gave my 14 yrs old shih tzu Frontline plus Sunday midnight , by 3am Sunday , he started pacing around the room, which is not him, as he sleeps all night .I don’t give it to him monthly, only if he had to go to the groomer as prevention .Monday night, he barely slept . Tuesday , we went to the groomer. That night,he didn’t sleep , he would just pace around the room, stand on the corner and just stare at us. Wednesday , I took him to the vet. He said that Frontline has some reactions to older dogs , even if my dog is on it since a puppy. He advised us to bathe him with Down dishwashing soap and if it does not help, will start him on Prozac. This is his 2nd week post Frontline application . He’s still not right ,wants to be carried all the time,bathing him with Down every 2 days.Sleeps on the chaste from 11pm to 2am, I take him to our room once he wakes up at 2am, but will still be restless , pacing , standing by the bathroom doorway and just stares at us. I’d been reading this forum and luckily, I haven’t seen any seizure. I plan to keep on bathing him with Down every 2 days , and hoping that after a month , he’ll go back to his old self.If not , will take him to the vet again and will try Prozac. I don’t know what to do anymore .

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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