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    I had my boxer mix puppy/adult (just turned 1) on Blue Buffalo Wilderness. We’ve only had her for 2 months. She was on Purina One Puppy when we got her, vet recommended Science Diet. She was doing OK on that (was eating twice daily), but that’s when I found this website and wanted to put her on something better. Settled on BB. Well, I’m not sure she likes it. she’s only been eating once a day. I got a couple of cans of wet food and mixed in about 1/3 can with the dry. The next day she didn’t eat and had diahhrea all day, then the next day every time she drank water she would throw it up. I figured that maybe it was too rich for her. Took her to the vet – they gave her fluid injections, and an anti-nausea shot. She’s been on chicken and rice since, but I’m looking for some kind of food that would be good for a dog that may have a sensitive stomach or some GI problems. Does anyone have ay sunggestions for me or know how i would figure that out? On a side note, she LOVES the chicken and rice. Would it be bad just to keep her on that and maybe mix in some fruits and vegetables?

    Thanks for your help!

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    If you want a kibble, NutriSource is usually easy for dogs to switch to, and a good quality for the price. If you want to stick with homemade, do some research and get a few books with recipes. They will help you figure out how much of what to add. Hound Dog Mom can help you a lot, too. but you still need to have more options than just one recipe.

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    I use NutriSource also and have had no issues. I prefer the grain-free varieties. I had bad luck with Blue Buffalo and my dog ended up with diarrhea. My vet said it was a rich food and other dogs had been brought in for the same issue. If the dog is suddenly not eating after switching and has GI issues and is otherwise healthy and active, it is most likely the food. Also, rice in dog foods can cause gas and other issues in certain dogs as it is sometimes hard to digest and will sit and ferment in their bellies. So if your dog is having bad gas issues as well, I would consider switching to something without rice. My dog can’t handle rice either. Best of luck to you.

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