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    About how long should it take when you change a dog’s food to tell if the dog does well on it or not doing well? Is it immediate or could it take a couple weeks? I’m not talking about seeing allergy issues disappear, but more like just in general if the dog handles the food well or not.

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    It really depends. Somethings I can tell almost immediately, like food intolerance issues, is it causing gas, does my dog act like he has a stomach ache, that sort of thing. Some things take 3-7 days, does it cause ear issues, itching, anal gland issues. Some take weeks, dry skin, body odor, eye staining. I have always know within 3 weeks except once when the dog had so many other things going on that it probably took me 3-4 months before I noticed that I didn’t like running my hands through his coat as much. His coat texture had changed.

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    7-10 days to transition foods, but to see results of feed also depend on stool quality,and overall reaction.

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