Flea dirt 2 weeks after using Frontline Plus?

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    First I was using Parastar. He got fleas like 2 months ago. After the Parastar I tried the Seresto Collar. He didn’t like it and I didn’t like it, so I just tried Frontline Plus 2 weeks ago. I walk him over 3 miles a day (he’s a 8 month old yorkie). He was biting himself a little bit yesterday after our walk. I investigated and found nothing. I was doing my daily grooming/brushing today (on a table with a white pillow case under him) and a little bit of flea dirt fell-just a little bit. I tested it with the paper towel and sprayed it and smeared it, it was flea dirt. Is this something I should worry about? Did the Frontline Plus not work either? Why is he a flea magnet? I get him groomed every 4 weeks and keep his hair short. Oh and he’s also on Sentinel so I don’t have to worry about the eggs….right?
    Can anyone suggest why I’m having such bad luck or maybe this is normal. And what flea and tick prevention I should use? I was thinking Comfortis for fleas, but then I would need something for ticks. Or just keep using Frontine Plus?

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    Just bumping this up…I don’t use flea stuff so I’m no help but hopefully someone will see this.

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    When I tried frontline, I saw fleas litterally crawling over the application site. It’s pretty much useless these day. I’m having great results using Little City Dogs brand lufeneron (sp?). You can buy it on Amazon, or through LittleCityDogs.com $25 treats a cats and medium dogs for a year, and $50 for large dogs. It’s the same ingredient in Sentinel and Program, and is extremely safe, even at high doses. My cat even takes it as a treat out of his food (it’s a chicken or beef flavored cap). After using every available on the market here in FL, it’s the only thing I can get to work, with the exception of Trifexis, which really bothers me with the all the problems it has, and I took my dogs off.

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