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    So Harry has been eating his Natures Logic kibble w/ coconut oil, kefir, & digestive enzyme in the AM. For the PM meal he gets a kibble/raw mix- alternating bone in mixes from Hare Today,or tripe,or sardines and once a week the See Spot Live Longer premix. But as is common with Greyhounds his stool is never quite firm. It’s formed most of the time as opposed to milkshake consistency he used to have before I knew about his poultry intolerance.
    Any suggestions as to what I can do to firm him up? Things I’ve tried in the past have been pumpkin, yogurt, shredded beet pulp and I’ve even tried the Greyhound go to of Iams Green Bag Kibble. I know I know – I was desperate. None has really worked. As I’m getting a bit braver w/the raw & I now have a new small freezer 🙂 is there something I should be concentrating on?
    Any advice appreciated.

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    I like adding in Vital Essentials freeze dried nibbletts. It firms up anything here. But you could add more raw mix to his meals. The bone content generally helps. Have you tried ground psyllium? 1/4 teaspoon per 10 lbs. This is my first choice on my fosters and they actually only need about 1/4 per 20 lbs. Or even chia seed, dosage varies, but I give mine 1 teaspoon for 20 lbs. Ground flaxseed and hemp seed has fiber too. I’ve heard of people using some oatmeal too.


    Also, sometimes feeding a little less helps since you’re adding calories with the add-ons. Also, are you giving kefir and enzymes and tripe in the same meal? That’s like triple duty. Just use one.

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    No I space out the kefir, enzymes & tripe – I realized I typed that wrong but couldn’t edit. Ugh. I also adjust the PM for the add ins. Oatmeal is out since it’s one of his foods to avoid.THANK YOU for the other ideas I’ve never tried those. I will check out the Vital Essentials also. 🙂 🙂

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    I know the probiotic that i recently put my dog on has really improved his stool consistency almost to completely normal. Could be something to look into for 25$. The name is BiostarEq Terra Biota K9. I remember someone saying that the kefir didnt have that many active cultures

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