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    Krista B


    I’ve recently added in some produce to my dogs diet and it seems like the additional fiber was causing her problems. I had been feeding her a tablespoon of fruitables pumpkin in the morning and a tablespoon of pureed greens in the afternoon along with each meal. I also was feeding carrot chips and blueberries as snacks/treats. At first she seemed ok but the she started having loose stools. 3/4 of her stool was ok but the last 1/4 was loose. She’s been having stools like this for about a week so I stopped all the produce about two days ago. I’m actually still seeing bits of blueberries and pumpkin in her stool. Her stool was a little better this morning. Is this a normal reaction? I do a rotational diet and she’s currently on Orijen six fish which has 4% fiber. I give her Fromm biscuits which has 5% fiber. Is she just fiber sensitive? I guess my only thought is she doesn’t need the extra fiber which is why I stopped giving her produce altogether. She seems fine with her food rotations so I don’t think it’s that. She’s also been on Orijen (USA) before and had no problems. Has anyone else had reactions like this before when feeding produce? Just wondering if this is normal? I will note she also just recently had her yearly check up and is in perfect health. Thanks!

    Also, I talked to my vet and he thought I should stick to one brand for a year before I rotate. He said it was fine to rotate flavors monthly though. What do you guys think? I’ve been rotating flavors and brands monthly. Is this too much do you think? What’s your experiences with this?

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    I would listen to the vet that examined your dog. Obviously what you have been doing is not working. Why not take the advice of a professional?

    PS: She is not in perfect health if she is having loose stools.

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    Rosanne M

    Hi Krista,

    Rotating brands monthly is far, far too frequent and your dog will end up with IBS. I made the mistake of rotating my last dog’s food too frequently and the poor guy suffered with IBS for years after.

    Rotating flavours within a brand monthly is fine. I also agree with your vet to limit rotating brands on an annual basis.

    With regards to the pureed veggies and fruit – just cut back on what you are giving her by 50% and see if that helps. It’s always better for their tummies to start off small. The daily pumpkin isn’t necessary unless you are treating constipation or diarrhea. I would stop the pumpkin and use it only when you need to.

    Hope this helps!

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    I would go strictly by what your vet advises. I would stop all supplements and additives. Keep the diet bland and simple. I bet you will see positive results in about a month. Good luck.

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    “I will note she also just recently had her yearly check up and is in perfect health.”

    How was her lab work? CBC, U/A etc. Is she due for a senior workup? Some vets advise doing lab work every year as part of the annual exam. Best diagnostic tool they have.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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