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    hi guys, what are your thoughts about feeding table scraps? I’m guilty of sometimes feeding my dogs some leftovers for dinner. back in the old days we always fed our dogs from table scraps. I’m just wondering if some of you guys still do up to now?

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    I don’t feed tablescraps like the “old timers” would, lol. I feed high quality “human food” in addition to their kibble/raw/dehydrated/canned. The only time they would get table scraps would be if I had left over egg, pasta etc-in otherwords, no fat cuttings and the like. Anything that is good for us to eat, but left over is fair game in my house : )

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    Yes, I give my dogs table scraps. And it does vary from “good” to “bad”! Because frankly, my dogs eat better than I do. Their pantry is full of 4-5 star foods and my pantry happens to be full of the equivalent of 1 star products, unless I’m making steak and veggies or fish and veggies! They get pizza crust and chinese take-out. They usually get a bite or two of what I’m eating. I also make their homemade raw but of course with appropriate “dog” ingredients (meat/bone/organs/oil/supplements). There is actually a Paleo cookbook for dogs! LOL! Tonight will be a meat & veggie dinner to share.

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    I’m not sure if it counts as table scraps, if my husband cooks extra just for the dogs.

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    i know how you feel pugsmomandy, there’s this one time back in college where cash isn’t an easy access, some of my friends would share some of their doggy treats to feed my dog and me eating a canned tuna which is way cheaper than the treats that they are receiving from donor friends LOL.

    yes patty that counts 🙂 before i always cook extra just like as a family in a house of mom dad and for the babies ( i mean dogs)

    okay melissaandcrew, luckily i stumbled upon this while was browsing the net, i only listened to my vet but unfortunately his 2 hours from me so i’m educating myself on what not to feed my dogs 🙂

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