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    Lauren F

    Good evening. I have an 8-month-old boxer/shepherd who I have been having some digestive issues with recently. I had originally been feeding him BB LBP thinking I was doing right by him. He was fine for a few months and then started having really mushy stools. I put him on rice/chicken, had him tested for everything (all negative) and when I reintroduced the BB it started again. I then eased him into Science Diet (again, thinking I was doing the right thing) and while his stools became firmer he was pooping VOLUMES! So I found this forum! I did some reading and researching, I contacted Fromm’s for some information and they recommended Fromm’s Gold LBP. I have transitioned Dublin to this and now…he won’t eat it…he doesn’t like it at all. I fed him this morning and it took him two hours to eat…I fed him this evening and he has not touched it. I’m so upset…this is just going on and on and on. Dublin is about 60-65lbs, very active, and neutered. Any advice is appreciated.

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    Hi Lauren-

    You might have luck with Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy. I have a picky pitbull who needs to be on a grain inclusive fish based food and Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach was the only food he’d actually eat. Pro Plan in general seems to have really good palatability. Not to mention he has very small firm poop on Pro Plan unlike on some other supposedly better foods.

    Best of luck!

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    Susan W

    Hi Lauren,
    Go to the VeRUS website, fill out the form and tell them you are having issues & what kind. They will write back, probably ask questions and suggest which of their foods is most likely to help. This is a small company started by a guy who used to be in nuclear energy. They are smart people who stay up to date with nutritional requirements and they use quality ingredients. They even make their food in a facility that exceeds requirements for human food production. Asking a few questions can only result in answers, you’ll get some help, and it won’t cost you a thing.
    BTW – my rescue mutt has a seriously sensitive tummy. When I switched her to VeRUS, she stopped eating grass and doesn’t get pukey unless my husband feeds her something from his plate.

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    Lauren F

    Thank you so very much. I will do that…


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