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    Walter G

    From what I’ve been reading, dogs need calcium in their homemade food. I’ve been using a Tb. of low fat, low sodium cottage cheese next to her breakfast meal. I would like to try eggshells if its any better, but don’t know how to prepare them.

    Do I wash the eggs before using them, then rinse the empty shells and save up a collection?
    Kind of confused.

    Would someone mind walking me thru egg shell prep? Please?

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    Jaky S

    Here’s the instruction that I use.

    In a nutshell:
    Step 1: wash the egg shells
    Step 2: boil submerged in water for 10 minutes
    Step 3: dry on a sheet or in the oven 200 degree for 10 minutes or until they are dry.
    Step 4: grind to powder using a coffee grinder

    1 tsp. contains approximately 800-1,000 mg. of calcium
    Note: make sure the membrane is popped or else those shells will float out of the water.

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    Patti S

    Other important sources of calcium may be obtained from spinach, beans, sweet potato, whole wheat or broccoli.
    You don’t want to over-do calcium. Excess calcium causes numerous health problems, including kidney disease and some urinary stones. Ask your vet to advise you if you aren’t sure about how much calcium to give.

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    Walter G

    Thanks for the info.

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