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    As in Elizabethan collars. So, my Golden pup was neutered today and tonight, I’m kicking myself tonight for not buying a cone of shame at the vet this evening. Sam is / was a cryptorchid, which I love that it means “hidden pearl.” Quite a nice name for an undescended testicle, no? Well, they had to shave Sam’s entire belly and he has two incisions one in the more obvious area and one right about in the center of his belly and he’s now wanting to lick. They gave me a syringe of what I believe is callex “Yuck Ptooey,” it’s supposed to taste terrible and discourage licking. Well, he’s licking anyway and while I’m not certain he’s licking the incision site or just licking himself because he’s itchy. They also gave me Acepromazine as a mild sedative to keep him calm and that’s worked pretty well tonight.

    So, since I can’t seem to find a place open tonight that sells E-Collars, I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions to minimize the licking and potentially Re-open the incision sites.

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    So my vet just called this morning to check on Sam. I thought that was so nice of her. : )

    You guys probably already know this, but I was asking her about a collar and she suggested taking a big old t-shirt, putting it on him and cutting holes for his back legs and knotting it on his back with a rubber band. Genius! She said she does everything she can think of before she puts a collar on a dog because dogs hate them so much.

    I’m definitely trying her idea!

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    The best collar I’ve used is the inflatable ones. Hope you won’t need one though.

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    Sorry to be slightly off topic but…

    My dog also has an MIA testicle and is due to be neutered at 5 months (couple months more). They told me that they couldn’t do it unless it had dropped and that I’d have to wait till he was a year before they attempted to remove and just to hope it drops.

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    Jackie B

    I volunteer at an animal rescue, and we get cryptorchid dogs and cats from time to time. The local vets don’t make us wait a year. PLUS, sometimes they never descend! I’d consult another vet, DieselJunki.

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    Hi DieselJunki,

    From what I’ve come to understand, if a dog has a testicle that hasn’t dropped at a very early age, it’s probably not going to drop ~ there’s a limited window of opportunity and the door is only open for so long (both literally and figuratively). If your vet is suggesting that you wait to see if it drops on its own, I’d consult another vet for a second opinion. My dog has two small incisions because the undecesended testicle was located and removed through laparoscopy. Traditional surgery techniques that I watched on YouTube had the poor dog’s belly sliced wide open… extremely, unnecessarily, invasive surgery. Also, I was hoping to wait until sometime after 12 months of age because of the benefit to the endocrine system; and my holistic and traditional vet stated that it would be exceptional unlikely that my dog ended up with testicular cancer within the first year of life anyway. I couldn’t wait any longer because Sam,my Golden pup, was starting to show some marking behaviors and he’s way too rough with his older sister, a Cavalier.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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