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    Darryl C


    I’ve been wondering if anyone could really explain the difference between dry dog food (kibble) and wet dog food (canned).
    Is the wet dog food intended to be served one can at a time with nothing else? Or are you supposed to mix it with the dry?
    Is that (not) recommended?
    Thank you.

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    The difference… what are you looking for there exactly? They are two very different products

    The amount you feed depends on what it is. For example: In general (may not always be the case) the stew style cans have a little less caloric intake so you need more cans per day than a heavy meat pate style, etc… the cans will tell you how much they have in them

    You can certainly feed a straight canned diet, it’s technically better than kibble. You can mix the two, you can top with canned… there’s all kinds of options 🙂 I would say the advice you’ll most often get on this site is not to go pure kibble with nothing else, but there are certainly quality kibbles out there

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    Watch these videos, hope they help 🙂



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    Like kibble, canned foods can be served as a meal. Canned food is less processed than kibble and the fact that it has alot of moisture is better than kibble. If you want to feed canned food the majority of the time, be sure to check that it is NOT “for supplemental or intermittent feeding only”. As far as feeding one can at a time or not, it depends on how many calories your dog needs per meal.

    If the canned food says it’s for supplemental feeding only, then use it as a mixer with another “complete and balanced” food like most kibbles as it doesn’t have all the vitamins and minerals to make a complete diet.

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    Kathleen C

    Really enjoyed Dr. Becker’s videos! I was so surprised that Annamaet Lean Reduced Fat only has the one meat, chicken meal, then goes to field peas, chickpeas, potato, tapioca, etc. Wellness in their Core grain free reduced fat,: deboned turkey, turkey meal, chicken meal then potatoes, peas, etc. Also, what she said about freeze dried food makes sense to me now. I’ve been wondering if changing from kibble to canned might be a good way to make him feel fuller and maybe more likely to stop begging so much and losing the pound he’s over. Maybe freeze dried would be good too. Anyone out there feeding freeze dried who can give me ideas about weight lose with this?

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