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    I am so lost and not sure what to do next. Our wonderful Husky Bleau seemed to go a little nuts last week he chewed off our moulding on our front window, tore the blinds off 2 of our windows in our living room literally ripped off the large patio door vertical blinds, pulled up the carpet.
    Also went upstairs and scratched a hole in our bedroom door pulled up the carpet in part of the hallway & then he bit my husband.

    he is 9.5 years old, he is up to date on his rabies vaccine. We took him in right away to the vet last thursday where he stil is right now. He has had blood work done and nothing but a slight elevation in his blood sugar level has come up abnormal.

    I don’t know what to do next. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing happening? He has always been the most gentle,kind and loving dog ever. I am looking for any help or advice..


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    How long after the crazies was his blood tested? I know people with diabetes that are totally off their rocker when their blood sugar is messed up. Did he do all that while you were home or were you gone and came back to find it? If you were gone, he may be having bouts with seperation anxiety that are intense when he isn’t feeling good. Is he accustomed to a crate?

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    I have no idea what this could be but please keep us posted

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    shelties mom


    There are articles on Rabies vaccines and their side-effect. Aggression is one of them.

    I would suggest the next step is to find a holistic vet to find out what detoxifiers are appropriate for your dog.

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    I hope lisam updates us on her situation. This made me very sad for her and her dog and I’m very interested in knowing what happened and what was the cause…

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    Hi everyone,
    I wanted to update you all on my beautiful dog Bleau. He is still in quarantine until Saturday due to the law. I did look up the side affects of rabies vaccine and I am so 100% positive that is Bleau’s problem. Like I said this is just not Bleau’s behavior. I have contacted the vet and I am looking into the lot # brand, and the location of the shot & I can’t prove this but back in November we took our son’s dog in and our dog in for updates on their shots and i requested Bleau have all of his shots he needed at that time which included the rabies vaccine.
    I didn’t receive the tag for it & I just thought next time when I take them in for their nail trim I will pick it up which was in janaury. we went in and I mentioned to them you had forgotten to give me his tag. She said he didn’t have it and I said I am pretty sure he did. NOpe didn’t have it at least that is what they said so I said well let’s give him the shot today this was the end of January and after reading this article about the side affects I am very sure that not only is this a reaction to it but I believe he received a double dose the second in January. The other reason I believe this to be true is we had a very odd credit on our account the next time we went in for nail trims & I asked them why and nobody can tell me why. I called today and asked them again what the credit was for and nope nobody knows. So I am going after work in about a 1/2 hour to pick up all the paper work of his shots the dates, lot #’s, locations and brands.
    I am now in the process of looking for a holistic veterinarian and I think we have one somewhat close to where i live in Alexandria MN.
    I will keep you all posted on the next part of this journey with our beautiful Bleau.
    Thank you all for being so kind and offering advice, it has definately been a god send.
    Lisa M

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    Wow! I never knew about side effects like that from a rabies vaccine. I can’t even imagine what you’re going thru. I sure hope everything turns out ok for your dog. Please do keep us posted. Hang in there!

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    Lisa M, how is your baby Bleau doing? I hope he’s back to normal and everything is ok. Please update us when you can…

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