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    Alina S


    I have a Rottweiler x Corgi mix, who weighs about 30 pounds. I feed him Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain Free duck and turkey dry food, and he gets a 1/4 can of the NV wet food each feeding. I buy it in a variety of proteins. And at night, he gets NuPro joint supplement.

    Three days ago, he had pretty bad diarrhea as I was walking him. I stopped his NuPro supplement that night. The next day, he also had really bad diarrhea on our walk. On the same walk, even though he had already gone #2, he stopped two more times, except the only thing that came out was a little bit of brown liquid. I didn’t feed him at all yesterday.

    Today, before his breakfast, I took him on a walk and he had a little bit of diarrhea again! It was just a small amount, as he had not eaten the day before. I gave him some dry food when we got home today.

    He isn’t having any accidents in the house, it is only when we walk outside. He’s playful, bright eyes, cold and wet nose, and otherwise seems to be okay.

    What could the problem be?

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    Try feeding him some boiled chicken with rice, pumpkin, or sweet potato as a carb for a few days, and then slowly re-introduce his normal food. Adding a supplement like The Honest Kitchen’s Perfect Form could also help. If he keeps having diarrhea, has bloody stools, stops eating, or is lethargic then take him to the vet. I hope he feels better soon!

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    Bobby dog

    Is there a possibility he ate something he shouldn’t have?

    Also, does he get any treats? If he does, I would also stop feeding those until he’s back on track. Hope he gets better without a trip to the Vet!

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    Are these potty walks? Or does he potty normally at home and then have diarrhea on the walk. If he is having a normal stool at home, but having diarrhea on walks, this is a stress/excitement issue. Giving him more fiber in his diet may help, and getting a little older and more confident may help, but some dogs have this for life. It’s because their anxiety level causes adrenalin to flood the system. Adrenalin speeds up the large intestine’s motility, so they have to go before the large intestine has had a chance to reabsorb all the fluid in the stool. The added fiber helps to regulate the speed that things pass through the large intestine.

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    Hi Alina, how long has he been on the wet & dry Natures Variety?? You know Rottweilers are prone to IBD, Like Dog Obbessed said put him on boiled Chicken, rice & a little bit of boiled pumkin for 1-2 weeks, rest his stomach/bowel, no treats, no wet tin, nothing else, if he’s still doing very sloppy poos or diarrhea after 2-3 days on the chicken & rice, I’d see a vet…

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    I also just noticed the breed of dog, a Rottweiler Corgi mix! That must be one interesting looking dog!

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