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    john h

    I have a Cavilier whom I have tried several kibbles (Science, Blue) and she will eat for a couple of days then not. Have tried adding broth and “mixers” with same effect.


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    It’s time for “Tough love”. Put the food down, wait 15min. Nothing til the next meal then put the food down again. By constantly changingmfoods, you’re creating a picky eater.

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    john h

    Have done that and now at 5 weeks she has low albumin and proteins

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    Ken D

    At times, my 14 year old terrier gets a little picky and turns “Nose up” at Blue kibble. However, if I have a little left over chunky soup, adding a little of juice revs up his appetite. Outside of trying to “Spruce things up a little,” have you consulted with Vet over any possible medical issues?

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    Are you saying the pup you’re feeding is only five weeks old?

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    Marionne H

    I would consult a vet. Your dog might have a medical issue or a dental problem. I had a dog with a stomach ulcer several years who could not eat kibble; it was too processed for him and apparently upset his stomach. We tried a number of kibbles then realized there was something more to it…every time he would excitedly eat the new kibble for a few days then stop eating it. He was always willing to try something new…but it still made him feel bad. πŸ™ We ended up putting him on an acid reducer to help with his ulcer and I home cooked as he felt better but still could not eat the kibble consistently. If I had to do it again I would have tried a raw diet for him. I’d consult a vet to confirm whether there is anything physically wrong, then consider trying a raw diet (the prepared mixes are expensive but more convenient than making your own). Kibble might be too processed for him.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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