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    B has been eating Earthborn Holisitic Primitive Natural for a few weeks. She seems to have a lot of gas. I’m the one who recommended both Earthborn varieties because Codex likes them a lot, so I feel kind of bad about the gas issue :/.

    She seemed like she was doing okay with Coastal Catch mixed into her previous food(Life’s Abundance). Although B ended up hating Life’s Abundance.

    Background info:

    I’ve known this two year old dog since she was rescued pup from an animal shelter. She used to throw up on occasion and supposedly had a sensitive stomach. She’s had soft stool as far back as I can remember. She is allowed access to her food dish all day, and that’s how long it takes her to eat.

    She’s already been to the vet for several issues related to her having diarrhea and trouble with her stomach. It just seems to be a recurring issue. The vet has not been able to pinpoint it down to anything.

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    I would try digestive enzymes. She may not be making enough of them on her own. Strong smelling gas is one sign that proteins are fermenting in her colon instead of being digested. Allowing access to a dish of food all day does not encourage a dog to go ahead and eat. I would much rather add a spoonful of yogurt or something that will encourage the dog to go ahead and eat than leave food down all the time.

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    Try a different kind of food with a totally different kind of filler instead of peas. I’m going to guess she’s having issues digesting those peas. Maybe try the very basic formula of Fromm and see if she improves with that. Most of the “better” foods have peas as the primary filler so it may be a bit difficult to find a good food without it. My dog is extremely allergic to peas. Her digestive system is so much better on potatoes too and has also helped with the anal gland issues.

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    Thank you patty. I’m going to pass along your suggestions.

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