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    Christine B

    I lost my Mother in November 2017 and in February of 2018 I lost my precious little mini Dachshund, Dilli. I used to sing her the Dilli song. I first heard in with Burl Ives.
    “Lavender blue, dilly, dilly
    Lavender green
    If I were king dilly dilly
    You’d be my queen…”
    and so on. Between the loss of Mom{my best Friend} and Dilli {my Precious little one} it has been very hard. But I know that they are waiting, with my Dad {whom I lost when I was 6}. I KNOW that I will be reunited with them when I go to heaven.

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    I am so sorry for your loss.
    I hope you are in a position to welcome another pet into your home…..when you are ready.

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    Christine B

    Thank you for your kind reply. I am caring for my Mom’s two wonderful dogs. La’Nai, a Jack Russell Terrier and Sasha a Miki ( I don’t know if miki is spelled right). When I can, I want to welcome a new Dalmatian puppy and then, possibly a dachshund puppy too. When the time is right. Fortunately, La’ Nai and Sasha grew up with me as Mom and I lived together before I got married. When we moved to Texas, Mom came to live with us. So, they are at home here and I love them dearly, too. Just miss my little Dilli and, of course, Mom. Mom and I were always the best of friends as well as mother and daughter. And my husband adored her and she adored him. So, we got on well.

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