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    *I’m sorry if this is confusing. Sometimes I have a difficult time explaining things. :/ *
    Warning, this post is pretty much all about poop.
    My dogs are on a rotation diet (just GF Annamaet, and GF Farmina for now. I used to feed only TOTW.). Up until this month, the dogs have only had the GF chicken Farmina. Towards the end of last month, I messed up on when to order a bag of kibble, so I had to grab a bag of TOTW from Tractor Supply.
    I had enough Annamaet left to mix with the TOTW to transition the dogs. No problems, and digestion was all the same.
    We have about half of the TOTW left, and started a bag of GF Farmina (wild boar), on the 5th. This week, I started putting more Farmina than TOTW. When I started adding more Farmina, one of my dog’s digestion changed. Previously, he’d have to go out to poop immediately after eating. His poops were normal consistency, and big in comparison to now (he’s 67lbs). Now that I’ve been adding more of the boar Farmina, he makes really small poops (like a fourth of the size of what he used to do). Yesterday he only pooped twice, which is abnormal for him – he usually goes like four times, or so, per day. I know that higher quality food can result in smaller poop, but he’s been on Farmina before and made his “normal” sized poops. Could it just be that his system agrees more with the wild boar, versus the chicken?
    I know this may seem completely ridiculous to some people, but any change in my dogs’ makes me nervous. Though, he is acting 100% normal, and just got a clean bill of health on Wednesday (the smaller poops started happening on Thursday).

    Thank you for reading, and I appreciate any comments.

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    Personally I would not worry unless he is straining or if thete is blood. My dogs waste out put varies depending on what they eat also.

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    Hi Dogs are my life, its good he’s pooing less, when I had Patch on the Vet prescription Eukanuba Intestinal kibble he was doing 2 small size poos a day, now I have him on the Wellness Simple he’s doing 3 medium size poos a day… I’d say the Farmina probably has less fiber & more protein then the TOTW has..look at their ingredients…

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    Sue66 – Yes, that’s what I figured. I just found it strange that on the chicken Farmina he had large poops, but on the boar he has very small poops.

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    I would think that it could be that the boar formula does agree with him more so than the chicken formula. It could be the animal protein or it could also be the absence of an ingredient that’s in the chicken formula that your pup has a bit of an intolerance to.

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