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    Hi everyone! This is my first post and it’s kinda long…oops. I’ve been lurking around the forums and there seems to be a lot of good advise here, so I’m hoping you wonderful people can help me!

    So I have a 6 month old mixed breed, medium large, last I checked she was 33lbs. I got her 2 months ago and started her on Berkeley Jensen puppy food over the first week. She went through a full bag with absolutely no problems. She’d get various natural chews, treats, some healthy people food, never had a problem with anything she ate. So about 3 weeks ago I started to introduce some canned food at dinner time (4Health). She was totally fine with it for 4 days, then I came home to an explosion in her crate after work on Friday. Okay, stopped the canned. Figured maybe I gave her too much too fast. Well she still had diarrhea and a few accidents over the weekend…decided to give just chicken and rice, and made a vet appointment. After 2 days on chicken and rice she was fine. Vet said she looked good, no poop parasites, gave her an antibiotic just in case she had something going on in there. Continued just chicken and rice for about a week, finished up the antibiotics. The next week I started adding in kibble again. After about a week and a half she was back on just kibble. No treats, no canned, just kibble. That was this past weekend…now the diarrhea is back and she’s had 2 accidents since yesterday. She’s acting totally fine, no vomiting, doesn’t appear to have any abdominal pain, and she’d still happily eat anything I’d give her. I’m not sure what to do…she was having totally normal poops again, but as soon as she was back to just kibble…runs.

    If anyone has some suggestions I’d greatly appreciate it!

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    Patricia A

    Stinkydog maybe it’s time for the chicken and rice again to get back to normal stool. The antibiotics take out all the good bacteria and it could have just caught up with her causing the runs. Maybe do not give any treats or chews and when her stool goes back to normal try VERY SLOWLY a different kibble. I’ve had great success with Stella N Chewy’s. My one chihuahua has a sensitive stomach and saw on their f/b page that many said their dogs that had same issues did well on their food. If you choose another food just go VERY SLOWLY with just maybe a few kibble thrown in to the chicken/rice for a few days or even weeks to get used to.

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    Frenky C

    Patricia’s point is very true. In my opinion, you should have eased in reintroducing kibble after that the first attack of diarrhea and after the antibiotics. Your dog’s gut may still be sensitive even after a week of changing/switching diets plus the effect of antibiotics on normal gut flora. But another vet appointment would be best for this case.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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