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    Ray S

    Wondering why Wellness Complete Health Senior canned food only got 3 stars, versus 4 stars for the rest of that Complete Health line?
    Dog recently diagnosed diabetic, and I’m battling with my vet on agreeing on fat/fiber/protein content. The Senior formula seemed decent on those criteria.
    I’ve read many studies and some go against common vet recommendations.
    Dog can’t eat turkey either.
    Looked at Fromm shredded beef also. It’s also close in DM analysis to Hills W/D (my vet’s choice.)

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    The Senior recipe might have less protein or includes plant-based protein boosters. What are you looking for in a diabetic food? Low carbs?

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    Ray S

    Looking for low fat, moderate carbs (complex, low glycemic), moderate protein, and moderate to high fiber, with enough insoluble fiber. Insoluble is harder to get because it mostly grain based, which I don’t want. Thinking of adding some brown rice to his meals.
    I can’t bring myself to feed the prescription diets, but I’ll try and come close to their fat/protein/carb/fiber percentages.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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