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    I have a pure breed beagle puppy who is 4 month old. He is my first and only pet. He has dew claws and the vet suggested removing it by surgery. When I was reading on the net, I came to know that its not necessary to remove the dew claws, if you are not taking him out for hunting or out door sports and all, where there is a chance of getting hurt with the dew claws.

    I would appreciate some feedback from your experience, whether it is advisable to remove the dew claws by surgery or not.

    Thanks and Regards

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    There are two types of dew claws-attached and detached. The detached are the ones that appear “dangle” and loosely attached. THe “attached” are usually firmly attached to the leg and flat against it. In the case of “danglers”, I always remove them. They can get ripped off on anything that can catch them-ie ice covered snow, carpets/rugs’ bedding etc.

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    At the time of spay or neuter I always have detached dew claws removed. If attached dew claws are not removed within a couple days of birth, I don’t recommend removing them at all, except in the case of actual injury.

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    Thanks Melissaandcrew and Pattyvaughn. Appreciate it.

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    This beagle is my first and only pet. I have heard different opinions on Neutering as well. Some of my friends who has pets told me that neutering changes the character of the dog completely and he told me your shadow wont be old shadow anymore once you neuter him. I am not planning on using him for breeding. But I don’t want to take him through the process of neutering if its going to change the way he is. He is a very happy and active and pleasant and I don’t want that to be changed.

    Is there a discussion on this group somewhere on positives and negatives on neutering? Appreciate it if any of the experienced members here would like to comment on this topic.

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    shadowbeagle, actually there was a good discussion on that very topic in the last few weeks, but unfortunately, I think it was on the review message boards, not on the forums were it can be more easily found. I didn’t participate in it, but several of the regulars did. I thought it interesting and informative. It could have been on the “off topic” message board, but not sure. Maybe someone else will know/remember.

    Or maybe you could start a new topic in the forums on that subject, so it can more easily be found next time for others. I do remember the link that Cyndi provided was included in that discussion, and was a very interesting part of it.

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