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    Kenneth A

    I have a six month old English Style Male Lab. I suspect I am similar to every other member of this forum as I am interested in feeding my dog an excellent food. My local pet store carries most brands that are highly considered: Arcana, EVO, Zignature, Fromm, Blue and Natural Balance.

    One store employee with two large breed dogs feeds and recommends Zignature and Fromm. The breeder I purchased my dog from feed Pro Plan Focus. Earl is doing fine on that food but it concerns me that it is not recommended at a rating of 2.5 stars on this site.

    Undoubtfully, I will change the food I feed Earl. I guess I need to experiment with two or three of the brands listed above. When I run the food trials what criteria should I use to guide me to a final food selection?


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    Melissa L

    I have 2 Labs and both of my boys have done excellent on Annamaet. Great food, made in the US with all US sourced ingredients and has never had a recall. I rotate between the grain free Salcha and Manitok formulas and sometimes throw in a bag of the Lean here and there for my lower energy boy to avoid any excessive weight gain. I have 2 very fit, healthy dogs with beautiful coats! I order this online from chewy.com as it’s hard to find in stores.

    I’ve also used Acana and Fromm and occasionally throw them into the rotation just for variety and to ensure they can tolerate other brands in case I would ever not be able to get Annamet . I like both of these as well but Annamaet is my go to food.

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    Maria K

    – EVO
    – Natural Balance
    – Pro Plan Focus
    Acana can be good or bad depending on which formula you choose. Same with Zignature, Fromm, Blue Buffalo, and Annamaet. I am using Acana’s Regional Ranchlands right now and my dog is thriving!

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    I’d definitely recommend Fromm or Annamaet. Currently my bud is on Fromm 4 star and has never had an issue for the past 4 months. Annamaet I’ve always had in my rotation and always does excellent. Hope this helps! 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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