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    I ordered a 12 pack of Whole Earth Farms Chicken and Turkey Recipe canned food from Amazon. The package arrived similarly to what they stock on the shelves at Petco (12 pack, cardboard bottom with plastic wrap around the top and sides). I noticed when I was pulling the cans out that some were dented. I looked up safety guidelines and tested the seals on the cans. They seem fine.

    Sunday night, both of my dogs split half of a new can.

    The following morning I woke up to find my 8 month old puppy had a accident (on my comforter while I was sleeping!) and she had diarrhea when I let her out in the morning. She wasn’t interested in eating and moped around all day. My 6 year old dog didn’t seem affected at all.

    I chalked it up to the puppy getting into something she shouldn’t have…like the cat litterbox.

    Today, I came home from work and the 6 year old had a BIG smelly, accident in the kitchen and was crying to go out the second I walked in the door. HE had diarrhea and I noticed that the puppy also had very loose stools.

    Both are still playful, despite their stomach ailments…but I’m withholding the canned food (I mixed it with their dry) to see if that’s the culprit. Neither is very interested in the dry food alone and both are crying for something different. I left the dry food out (mixed with a tiny bit of water to change the consistency) but I guess if they’re really hungry they’ll eat it. But I would prefer if it they waited a bit for their stomachs to settle.

    I’m wondering if it could be an issue with production since they both got sick from a can that wasn’t dented, but I didn’t see any indications that people were having issues with WEF food.

    I intentionally made sure that the canned food that I fed them yesterday wasn’t dented in anyway. However, I did notice that the consistency between both cans and the ones I normally buy in the store were slightly different. The ones in the store seem firmer.

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    Sorry to hear about both your dogs. I know this was posted yesterday so I’m wondering if they have improved at all. Have you contacted Amazon? I haven’t used the canned WEF dog food in a while, though my cat has been eating that brand for a while. I have never ordered it from Amazon, I always order from I’m thinking this was a storage issue on Amazon’s part.

    I personally haven’t experienced issues with the canned food. Is that the normal canned food your dogs get?

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    I’ve gotten some dented cans (different brand) when ordering online and haven’t had an issue. They were only slightly dented. I would probably contact Amazon and ask to return/replace, whatever the policy is. Did you check the code on the cans you mentioned to see if they were the same production or different? If the dates are different, they would be a different production.

    Hope your pups get better!

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    Still waiting to hear from Amazon. They’re claiming that it’s a grocery item and they aren’t returnable. I did, however, go to Petco in the mean time and picked up a few cans. And they did seem similar in consistency to the cans from Amazon. Perhaps WEF changed their formula?

    Both dogs have recovered. WEF is okay, but the only reason that I’m feeding it currently is because it is All Life Stages and the cheaper option to feed both my adult dog and my puppy until she’s older.

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    Hi Christie-

    I recently ordered some WEF canned cat food from since Petco does not sell the duck formula in their stores yet. They are the 6 ounce cans and they arrived just fine. But, I know if they didn’t, Chewy would refund my money without any issue.

    I also would feel comfortable ordering them from Petco due to if there are any issues, I could return them to a store. I have ordered from Amazon without issue, but prefer one of the others that is easier to return items.

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    When I worked at Petco, I was feeding the WEF canned food to both my dog and cat. Both the dog and cat cans would be very strange and the wet food would be sticking to the inside of the can and the lid. I’ve since ordered the pate style cans for my cat from (the ones I had issues with from Petco) and they have been completely normal. Also no dented cans from Can’t really say why there is so much variation with the apperance of the cans on the inside, but I didn’t have any issues as your dogs did, luckily.

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