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    Are these reviews dated in any way? I was looking up a particular food, and could not find information about the date the review was written. The current ingredients in the formulas are different, and of lesser quality, than what is in the review. (The food is Natures Variety Instinct. I no longer feed it because they changed to cheaper ingredients.)

    Thanks in advance if someone can help me to find dates.

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    I think someone answered your question on the other side. But yes the date of the last review is near the end of the article before the comments start. And also, the brand is on my list to update already. Look for the updates in the next week or two.

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    Thank you!

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    Kristen M

    Pure Vita chicken and brown rice is given a 4 star but is listed under the 3 star as it is bulked together with all their brands. It was recommended to me today at a pet store and I came home to research. The review says it is updated 3/2015 but when was the original review done? And if it is rated 4 stars, shouldn’t it be listed there? I was interested in peoples’ comments on the specific type. Thanks
    And is there a way to search the editors forums?

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    Mike Sagman

    The star rating found at the top of each review is based upon the average statistics and data for all the recipes within the same product line. We then select a representative “example” recipe of that particular line and describe each of its individual components and label data.

    Whenever we identify one of the recipes that is notably different than the others found in that product line — something we refer to as an “outlier” — we give it its own star rating. We then make a note of that special rating on the list of products within the review — as we did with our 4 star rating here on the Chicken and Brown Rice recipe..

    To make managing this vast amount of information possible, we do not typically write a separate review for each of the 4,100+ individual recipes found on our spreadsheets.

    By the way, KLN Family Brands, the makers of PureVita, makes finding information about their products unnecessarily complicated because they have chosen to use 2 different spellings for this product — even on its own website.

    Sometimes the company uses 2 words (Pure Vita) and other times they use one (PureVita). So, when you search, you need to use 2 different character string commands.

    Very strange.

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