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    Luisa P

    Since Dalmatians have a propensity to form kidney stones, it is imperative to give them a diet low in purines. It is so hard to sort through even the editors recommendations as to which food is a high quality, grain free and low purine dog food. Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Above link obtained via the search engine at this site. A variety of opinions are expressed on this topic. I don’t necessarily agree with all of them.
    Hope this helps.

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    Just wanted to echo your sentiments Luisa. It is overwhelming. I said goodbye to my 14 yr old dal 2.5 years ago and just got another pup. So happy! I’m looking for suggestions from those more knowledgeable about food brands and ingredients. Would appreciate any further insights that would help steer me towards a good food.

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    Luisa P

    I have done so much ready and I am exhausted!! Bottom line is, I wish I could just cook fresh food for my Dalmatian but realistically I know I can’t. All the information online is overwhelming because some sites do talk about fresh food, but then you need to add vitamins, etc. to make sure they are getting a balanced meal. My biggest challenge is that not only do I feed my Dalmatian, but I have 7 other dogs. So to make fresh food every day is not realistic for me. So I decided to meet in the middle. I am currently giving
    one of the highly recommended grain free formulas from this website, but I give 1 cup less and then I supplement that with fresh homemade food. The biggest thing that I have learned from the Dalmatian diet is that you need to make sure you float their food with water. If your water source is high in minerals, then I would use distilled. I am attaching something important that I have found and do follow with my daly.

    Traffic light system:
    Green Light Purines – These foods are virtually Purine free they can be fed as often as you like and to stone forming dogs. Food stuffs
    Whole grain yeast free bread
    Whole grain yeast free cereals
    Most vegetables (see high purine exceptions below) Not onions or Garlic.
    Fruits (some fruits are toxic to dogs see list below)
    Nuts (except Macadamia nuts)
    Peanut Butter
    Yellow light Purines – The following foods are considered to contain a moderate level of purines and are acceptable in diets for stone-forming dog breeds. Most or even all of your Dalmatian’s protein sources should come from this list as opposed to the “Red Light” purines listed in the next section Most Poultry including Chicken and Turkey
    Fish and Shellfish (see exceptions below)
    Oats and Oatmeal

    Red light Purines – The following foods contain the highest levels of purines and should be avoided as much as possible to help prevent stone formation: Kidneys
    Legumes (kidney beans, lentils)
    Yeast (including brewers yeast)

    If you have a FB account, you could join a private group called Dalmatian Addiction, there are a lot of great people there who share great info and pictures of their dogs.

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    Thank you for all that information – very appreciated. You certainly are busy with 7 dogs! May I ask you what dog food you are feeding? I’ve gone through and see that many have some form of peas, duck, chicken liver…so am growing frustrated weighing the options.

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    Luisa P

    Actually I have 8 dogs, some consider me brave, others say I’m crazy, lol. I am currently feeding Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Sweet Potato and Chicken. It is higher in carbs than in protein. I see on here it has a 3 star rating. I was feeding her Taste of the Wild Roasted Fowl. I am adding additional chicken I make and veggies or eggs to the food. I will keep her on this until I find something I am more thrilled with.

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    Luisa P

    I just read something on this site about carbs versus protein. I think in will continue with the Taste of the Wild for my dal instead of the Natural Balance. Read this:


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