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    Nicole M

    Hello everyone!
    I have a 6 month old beagle mix puppy named Finn, and since I’ve gotten him he hasn’t been doing so great on kibble. I’ve had him a few months now and his stool is always pretty soft. At first it was like diarrhea, but since I’ve switched him to a grain free lamb protein LID kibble it’s been a bit better. We’ve ruled out parasites. I’ve been starting to wonder if maybe raw feeding would be a better option for him, but I have absolutely no idea where to start with it.
    I guess my main questions are:
    What exactly would he need to be fed?
    Where have you guys found it easiest to get the food from? (ie. can I get everything from my local Wegman’s or should I look for a smaller butcher?)
    and honestly any other tips or recommendations you can give me would be much appreciated!
    Thanks so much! 🐶

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    Hope this helps:


    and https://www.mspca.org/angell_services/choosing-the-right-diet-for-your-pet/

    Both articles are written by veterinarians, one specializes in nutrition.

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    Hi Nicole-

    There are folks out there that do feed their puppies a raw diet, but if you are new to raw feeding I would not venture into that realm until he is an adult. Growth is an unforgiving lifestage and it is not easy to make sure a raw diet is being balanced correctly for puppies.

    If you absolutely want to feed raw even when hes an adult following https://therawfeedingcommunity.com/ or http://mojoandfriends.blog/ would be a good place to start. The couple that runs Mojoandfriends blog just bought a Staffy Bull puppy and shes on a Prey Model Raw diet. Perhaps you could contact them and ask for advice.

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    Hi Nicole,
    maybe start with Freeze Dried Raw & see how he goes, but make sure its a limited ingredient freeze dried or Air Dried diet there’s “Ziwi Peak” look at the Venison or Rabbit formula, https://www.ziwipets.com/ the Ziwi Peak wet raw can food is really good but it’s expensive but its balanced & all ready to go, email Ziwi Peak & ask for samples..
    at first slowly introduce the freeze dried or Air Dried with his kibble he’s doing OK on, add new freeze dried slowley over 2 week period & see how he goes, or I went thru a Animal Nutritionist with my boy who has IBD, you can still feed the kibble he’s eating now, just feed the kibble for breakfast then feed the raw meal for Dinner or the other way around but when I first started Patch on a raw diet he was hungry cause he was use to eating a dry kibble that was high in carbs that kept him feeling full longer, I had to feed him a small snack at lunch time to get him thru to Dinner…

    Go on facebook & search for “The Australian Raw Feding Community” facebook group, or buy “Lew Olson” book her f/b group is called “K-9 Nutrition” or Dr Karen Becker has a book, both books are very easy to follow, I just went to the library & borrowed the books to make sure they were OK before I bought them…Dr Karen Becker is bringing out her latest new book it should be out by now, go on her f/b page “Karen Becker” & ask her is her lastest raw feeding book out yet?
    or you can start feeding the Pre-Made raw but I was advise NOT to feed Patch any Pre-made raw dog diets you buy from pet shops, home made raw is more fresh & you know what your adding into your boy raw diet..
    I had to start Patch on 1 meat protein-Kangaroo mince feed at breakfast with blended veggie/fruit mix & Chicken Breast cut up for dinner with blended green veggetables, broccolli, celery, parsley & 1 fruit-apple peeled. remove all seeds, cut up then put in a blender add 1-2 spoons of the veggies /fruit mix to 1 cup of meat, then I froze the remaining fruit & veggie mix in ice cube trays covered in cling wrap then you take out 1 cube = 1 spoon when you need it & I also added the Digestavite Plus powder to balance the diet cause Patches diet had no bone or organ meats yet cause of Patches IBD, we started him on an elimination raw diet in the beginning, this is why it might be best to see a Holistic vet or Animal Nutritionist to formulate a raw diet for a growing puppy who has IBS…
    Here’s the Nutritionist I went thru she does Skpe, emails or rings you, here’s her “Maintenance raw diet” she gave me for Patch & I had to pick 2 meats, 2-3 vegatbles & 1-2 fruits to begin with, but we would email back & forth… http://www.naturalanimalsolutions.com.au/education.php

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