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    Colloidal Silver- Colorful Snake Oil but not Medicine

    Colloidal Silver- Colorful Snake Oil but not Medicine
    Posted on December 4, 2017 by skeptvet

    Colloidal silver illustrates many of the classic characteristics of quack alternative medicines. It has a history of mainstream use based on tradition and theory, but it was abandoned by science-based medicine in favor of safer and more effective treatments. There are a few legitimate uses of silver-containing compounds, and these are misrepresented as supporting inappropriate uses of these and other silver-containing substances. There is some laboratory research that shows biologic effects of silver in test tubes, and this too is misused to justify giving silver products to sick patients. There is virtually no research on colloidal silver in actual patient, and what there is fails to meet basic standards of quality. There are, however, lots of anecdotes which people wrongly believe can be used to support treatment with this snake oil.
    Colloidal silver is a liquid, usually water, with microscopic particles of silver suspended in it. While some medical uses of silver are legitimate, none involve oral colloidal silver. Topical use of ointments for burns and to prevent eye infections in newborns, and impregnation of catheters and other medical equipment with silver, do have some benefits. However, taking colloidal silver orally is an entirely different thing, and there are no proven benefits from this practice. There are, however, significant risks.

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