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    Deborah A

    I have a 6 yr old Pointer. All of a sudden he has developed colitis & constipation. At times, blood in his stool. Parasites & worms & bacteria ruled out. So vet put him on Purina EN Gastro fiber balanced. After a few months that isn’t working well either. At 90.00 a 32 lb bag @ 3 bags a month, it’s hitting my pension check hard. Any suggestions, I need help please.

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    I would head back to the vet, further diagnostic tests may be needed to get a correct diagnosis.

    Better yet, if your vet has not been helpful, consult a Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist.

    I doubt that changing foods will help this, you have to find out what the cause of the colitis and constipation is, first. Where xrays done? Lab work, CBC, etc…..

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    If you have financial concerns, explain that to the vet. There are payment plans and maybe some other ways to get help. The vet hopefully will be able to advise you as to what diagnostic tests are a priority and what isn’t and how you should proceed.

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    Hi Deborah, with Colitis you have to work out what ingredients your dog is sensitive too?? looking at the ingredients in the Purina EN they aren’t the best he probably would have been better on the Purina HA but its vegetarian diet I will not feed my dog especially when I know he can eat pork, Lamb & Beef, so I can’t do that to him he’s suffered enough with his IBD…. Look at the EN ingredient list it has Chicken By Product, whole corn & rice etc, so stay away from those ingredients…..
    My boy has IBD started with Colitis, after trying most of the vet diets that mainly have Chicken & didn’t help him I finally I tried “Taste Of The Wild” Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb, it’s a single protein (Lamb meal) with limited ingredient kibble or there’s the wet tin as well… or have a look at the “Canidae” Pure limited ingredient wet & dry or “Zignature” but I have never tried Zignature dogs with Environment allergies seems to do well on the Whitefish or Salmon formula’s BUT Zignature does have Chickpeas & Lentils so this will either be a good thing or bad as Chickpeas & Lentils can cause wind/gas something a dog with Colitis doesn’t need…
    ….I would honestly give the Taste Of a Wild Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb or TOTW Pacific Stream Smoked Salmon….these 2 formulas have just 1 single protein with limited ingredients…or Canidae Pure Wild Boar buy a small bag Patch does beautiful firm poos & doesn’t react with his Colitis no more & no more pooing blood… Since eating the TOTW & Canidae Pure Wild formula.

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