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    rose b

    My 3yr old Shitzu has been suffering from chronic vomiting. It is all bile, not food now that we have her on a vet prescribed food of pro Plan EN. Though I am not happy with the ingredients (gluten,wheat,etc) She throws up bile in the morning before she eats, or after be very active ( though not as active as used to be)and drinks water. I believe now its affecting her esophagus and she was very sick with respiratory infection recently and coughs/gags. Acid reflux.
    My question is-has anyone tried Prilosec (or similar)? From what I can tell a low fat /higher protein food may help. Any food recommendations? Soft food may help? TIA, really worried. Vet is not quick to help.

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    Please wait for your vet to call you back when he has a minute to advise you. Ask if the prescription food comes in canned (soft).
    You are asking for medical advice from folks that may or may not have any experience in veterinary medicine.

    Not a good idea.

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    rose b

    Thank you for your thoughts. I have been in contact with my vet, although they are a bit confused on the next step as well. the reason for my post is just to get others opinions in this situation, not specifically for medical advise.

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    At age 3 your dog is young, have x-rays been done? Bloodwork? More diagnostic testing may be indicated to get to the root of the problem. It may cost a few bucks.
    Over the counter meds (intended for humans) are not a good idea unless advised by the examining vet.
    Just bandaid stuff anyway, talk to your vet.
    Good luck

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    Joyce B

    Rose b can you give her a bedtime snack? The morning bile is from an empty stomach combined with irritation. Maybe divide her meals into several smaller ones. Prilosec and other human drugs like Pepcid aren’t without side effects, and can cause more long term problems. Slippery elm soothes the digestive tract and esophagus.

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    rose b

    Thank you yes I am going to try that, as I had heard that from someone else as well!

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    Elaine V

    Please see your vet. My Pug had same symptoms & within a few weeks she lost several pounds. My vet did x-rays & tests & found a mass wrapped around her intestine. He cut a section of her intestine out . He had never seen anything like it before. She is now 14 years old & although she has not been able to regain all of her weight, she’s healthy & loving Freshpet.

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    Hi Rose,
    I have a Staffy who suffers with IBD, Helicobacter, bad acid reflux, vomiting nausea, have you asked vet to do Endoscope + Biopsies to see if she has Helicobacter or Ulcers??
    Vet needs the biopsies results then he’ll have answers or ask vet can he prescribe you the Triple Therapy meds that kills Helicobacter its – Metronidazole, Amoxicillin taken every 12 hours with a meal & 20mg- Omeprazole (Prilosec) taken in morning once a day or I give Patch Pantoprazole-20mg now, Dog takes the Triple Therapy meds for 21 days & when the Metronidazole & Amoxicillin is finished you continue giving the PPI – Omeprazole or Pantoprazole 20mg…
    research shows the Helicobacter cant live in the stomach when taking a PPI…

    after 1 year Patch on 20mg-Omeprazole Patch started gulping grass, vomiting, feeling sick he got really bad the Omeprazole wasn’t helping him anymore so we did another Endoscope + Biopsies & Patches Wind Pipe & Esophagus was red & inflammed & his back teeth had Gingivitis from the acid coming up his esophagus, then I asked the vet can we change his PPI (Omeprazole) to Pantoprazole what I take for my GORDS when I tried the Omeprazole it didn’t help me either, when we did another Endoscope + Biopsies in January 2018 vet said Patches Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES) flap isn’t closing properly & the acid is washing back up his esophagus & the Pantoprazole seems to work best for LES….

    I wouldn’t be feeding the vet diets they made Patches Acid reflux worse as they are high in, carbs, Omega oils this can make the acid reflux worse + the high carbs & grains are no good for acid reflux…
    Look at “Wellness Simple” Turkey & Potato kibble or a Limited ingredient single protein kibble that has potato or sweet potato & not high in carbs-30% fat-13% max, fiber-5% & under, & feed 4-5 smaller meals a day 7am, 9am, 12pm, 5pm & 7.30pm & if you can feed some cooked meals say for Lunch lean white meat -Turkey breast + 1/2 boil sweet potato pieces & freeze the sweet potato pieces, they freeze & thaw really well, then I thaw 1 pieces & mash on a plate & warm 7sec in Micro wave when Patch seems unwell the Sweet Potato soothes the esophagus & stomach….

    Go Health food store & buy “Slippery Elm Powder,” add 1/2 a teaspoon to a cup, boil the jug & slowly add boiling water & quickly stir & make a slurry paste thick but thin enough so you can pull up into a 20ml syringe pull up 4ml of the slippery elm paste/slurry& put syringe in side mouth towards dog back teeth & push she will swallow it, give 20mins before meals or after she has vomited up all the acid the slippery Elm will line & protect her esophagus & wind pipe + stomach..
    I give Patch those Quick Eze Rapid Chews Forest flavour, I cut 1 in 1/2 & wrap the other 1/2 up for next time & Patch chews & chews the Quick Eze, years ago I was giving him Liqiud Mylanta 4mls in syringe keep the Mylanta in the fridge so it soothes the throat, esophagus & stomach.. I’m wondering when she coughing is she naturally coughing up the acid from wind pipe this is what Patch was doing..
    Maybe find a better vet that will help, my vet said they get in at least 4-5 dogs in a week who are suffering from bad acid reflux, vomiting etc, a diet change to home cook would be best or like I do I feed 3 meals a potato or sweet potato kibble & the other 2 meals cooked lean meal with boiled sweet potato & a lean white meat, just till she is stable then start looking into balancing her diet, my vet said they can go 2 months without balancing the diet…

    She definitely needs an acid blocker & some Metronidazole, the Metronidazole will kill the helicobacter, its sound like Helicobacter, need a gluten free diet, no sugar carbs as the Helicobacter thrives on sugar..

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