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    Peter S

    Hi, so I’ve narrowed it down to either Nature’s Logic Rabbit/Tky Meal , or Farmina N&D Cod/Ancestral Grain. Will be for my 2 adult labs (one is 3, the other almost 11). Neither has ever been on a kibble that includes any grain…they’ve both always had exclusively grain-free. Currently I’m feeding one of Canidae’s GF kibbles (lamb meal based). I’m looking for something without legumes (peas,lentils), canola oil, and potato (the Canidae has all of these). And yes of course I do know that the two kibbles I mentioned above as “final candidates” (NL , Farmina) DO include some grains, but from what I gather from some basic online research, their grains are considered some of the highest-quality grains available for canine consumption…I’m referring to millett in the NL , and organic spelt/org oats in the Farmina. One other consideration I forgot to mention is that I”m looking for more of a “cool” protein source (outside of chicken) so I’ve not been considering lamb, venison, etc . The rabbit (NL) and cod (Farmina) are both considered “cool” proteins (though turkey meal, which is the 2nd top ingredient in NL behind rabbit meal, is considered more of a “warm” protein). I forgot to mention that my younger lab has had off-n-on fungal ear infections over the last 2 years(even though his ears stay mostly dry since he unfortunately hasn’t been swimming in a long time) … and my older guy seems to be getting a bit arthritic over the last couple years and has mild seasonal allergies). I’m obviously hoping that a new different high-quality kibble will help improve these health issues in my dogs.
    Regarding the Farmina, what appeals to me the most is the single-source protein (cod) and the fact that about 92% of the formula’s protein comes from the cod. Also the ash % seems low(7%), and price (about $2/lb versus $2.5/lb for NL). However Farmina does not add any enzymes or probiotics like NL does.
    Regarding the NL Rabbit, I like the fact that NL does not use any synthetic vitamins like Farmina (and most other manufacturers) but they do include enzymes/probiotics unlike Farmina. NL has a little higher protein (36% vs 30 for Farmina).

    They both of course seem to me to be overall very good choices…I think the main “unknown” for me would be the grain choice : Millett (NL) or organic spelt/org oats (Farmina) .
    Thanks in advance for your advice and recommendations !

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    I’d feed both. Buy one bag then buy the other. Rotate.

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    The ear infections can be a sign of food hypersensitivity, so you may want to keep track of ingredient lists of what you feed and see if you can figure out what causes it. I love Nature’s Logic, but I would not feed it long term. I would only use it as part of a rotational diet, which is how I prefer to feed anyways. My dog with food reactions can’t handle either of those foods, so I would suggest that you try a smaller bag first and see how it goes, of course, with 2 labs, a big bag probably wouldn’t last very long. I completely agree with Marie, feed both, one after the other. Then maybe find a couple more foods to try after that.

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    My dog with food sensitivities can’t eat either of those foods, either. My “other” dog, can and does eat both.

    I like them both, and have used, and will continue to use them as part of a rotational diet like both Marie and BC have said.

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    Hi Peter,

    I haven’t looked at Farmina so I can’t comment on the company/food. In regard to Nature’s Logic, the concept is appealing but because the foods do not have supplements they fall far short of AAFCO requirements. For example AAFCO min Vit D is 500 IU/kg and NL reports 175 IU/kg, AAFCO Vit E 50 IU/kg and NL reports 21.34 IU/kg.

    In actuality though the nutrient content in most of NL formulas is unknown as the owner has told me he only tested one diet, the chicken variety, and then posted the same numbers with some minor variation for all the diets. I find that extremely irresponsible! UGH!!! One of the diets has been through AAFCO feed testing and the others use the family rule to substantiate the AAFCO label.

    When I last inquired the person formulating the diets was the owner Scott Feeman. His degree is in marketing. In talking to him I found that he doesn’t understand very basic nutritional concepts, for example that Vit D is a dietary requirement in the dog. He told me not to worry about his diets being low in Vit D… I just need to let my dog sit by a sunny window. Oiy Via!

    I asked what type of testing he does on the ingredients used in his food and he said none and at the time I talked to him he didn’t seem certain as to what post production testing was done at the co packers he uses.

    I think the company excels at what the owner’s degree is in: marketing. When it comes to nourishing a dog: shaky ground. On the positive side one of the diets has passed a feeding trial.

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    Peter S

    thanx y’all for the replies … I’m quite impressed by Farmina’s website, I gotta say … of course, yes i realize “don’t judge a book by its cover” and that lots of companies out there (not just dogfood companies) can b.s. you all day with their dazzling websites and then not back it up with the actual product…but Farmina’s site left a (cautiously) positive vibe with me , compared to others I’ve visited recently. We’ll see !

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    Hey, good luck, Peter. Let us know how the Farmina goes, please!

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    My two girls are doing great on Farmina!

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