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    Okay, question for the raw feeders here. I was out pricing meats today at various supplier throughout the area, and they all seem to be big on selling chicken necks for dogs. I will not give whole bones as I have too many dogs to feel confident that someone will not gylp it down just to try to steal anothers. So, can these somehow be utilized as a ground product? For example, Sandy had posted a starter recipe and it said 5.25 lbs chicken with bone. What cut of chicken? Can the necks be used as this? And, would that suffice as the “bone/calcium” source in the diet, or would a calcium supplement still be needed?

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    They are too much bone for the amount of meat. Maybe about 2/3 chicken necks and 1/3 boneless meat.

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    The recipe used chicken necks and additional muscle and organ. I can look it up when I get home.

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    Yes. It was 5.25lbs chicken with bone and then 3.25 lbs boneless (plus everything else) I was just curious if the necks could be ground for the “with bone” portion. They are cheap at the butchers but of no use to me if they can not be used in a ground receipe. I am ordering the two books mentioned and planning on givingIit a whirl even if I only use it ever other day. Right now the crew is msking a mess of my house with natural cut knuckle bones that said low fat. Hoping I don’t regret it with the schnauzers fat issues.

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    AHH, that makes more sense. Yes, that should be enough boneless meat for that amount of chicken necks.

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    Thanks. Its going to take a lot me meat to feed the crew and I would have hated to buy a bunch of forty pound boxes of chicken necks to discover they could not be used.

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