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    Stefanie F

    I feed a grain free dry dog food for the past 8 years and give table food bites here and there. (My bichon will go nuts for a cherry tomato, cucumber, brussels sprouts, egg, or cooked spinach. )

    For breakfast he has 1/4 of a chobani fruit yogurt with a canine pro biotic powder mixed in. (He will not eat the plain)

    Everything was fine until last Thanksgiving when he got into the trash and ate his fill of Turkey skin. He develops pancreatitis and for weeks was on meds and boiled hamburger and white rice.

    After I got him back on his regular food he his first poop of the day was normal but the second was poop was gelatinous (mucus covered). Told the vet she adding some cheerios to his breakfast. I did and the problem was fixed.

    Now my dilemma I just saw all the news and articles about the oat drying process and how they use RoundUp for it so most oat cereals and breakfast products have high amounts GLYPHOSATE in them and we know that causing cancer The biggest offender on the list with very high amounts of GLYPHOSATE in it is cheerios.

    Needless to say my baby will not be getting them any more with his yogurt.

    Dose anyone have a suggestion what I can give him as a cheerio alternative that will be safe, and I do not mind cooking it myself as long as I can make it in bulk and freeze.

    Thank you for reading and any help.

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    “Told the vet she adding some cheerios to his breakfast. I did and the problem was fixed”.

    I would ask the vet why the Cheerios? What does this add to his diet other than sugar, oats and fiber?
    Surely their is a bland kibble that would work, maybe your vet has some ideas.
    Also, you may want to rethink the grain-free.

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    You’re feeding him tons of sugar and you’re worried about the glyphosphate? Instead of the fruit yogurt and Cheerios use chicken broth, pumpkin purée for fiber, and add some cooked or raw egg, or chocked or raw chicken into his diet as a topper. You can also get freeze dried toppers or wet food. I would cut all that sugar from his diet if you can. Or if you’re insistent on having some type of yogurt try organic kefir or raw goats milk. It’s more appropriate for dogs than sugar filled fruit yogurt.

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    Stefanie F

    fruit is not good for dogs????

    I have given him plain yogurt but he turns his nose up at it.

    Also I should have said he only gets 1.5 oz a day of the chobani fruit yogurt.

    Any time I eat fruit I always give him a bite, unless it is grapes I know they are not good for a dog but I thought apples, and melons, and peaches, and berries where ok.

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    The Chobani yogurts have added sugar in them. Along with natural sugars from the fruit. I wouldnt give a dog fruit more than once a week to begin with, let along something with extra added sugar. I would still rather a dog get appropriate treats that are meat based or sugar free.

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    Stefanie F


    I live in a city so no goats milks or raw around. Is there a yogurt or soft type food so I can mix his probiotic powder he needs in it that I can get at a walmart type market?

    We do not even have a wholefood around and all the smaller mom and pop markets that carried more specialized stuff walmart has drove out of business . So we are at the mercy of chain markets like walmart and price chopper.

    I just need something I can give him in the morning I can mix his probiotic in. A yogurt or canned pumpkin, or something.

    Thanks for the help.

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    There are no pet stores anywhere near you?
    Canned raw pumpkin is good for digestion. Maybe not the best idea everyday though. You can use any quality canned food as a topper to mix the supplements in. Would be balanced food and free of sugar. Maybe try pure balance canned food. I’ve heard a lot of people whom don’t have pet stores around them that like the pure balance food. Any canned like merrick, wellness, even blue buffalo have ok stew canned foods. I think blue is at Walmart too.

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