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    Bonnie R

    I’ve been feeding my boxer Paul Newman’s Organic beef canned food for several years, but I’m going to switch. It used to be made in America, and then they started making it in Uruguay. That product was softer, probably more water added, but it was still ok. I order on Amazon, 2-3 cases at a time, and the most recent order is going to be my last. The current food has gigantic chunks of solidified fat on top of the food and clinging to the inside of the can. The food also has a lot of white specks mixed in, and it looks like fat specks, too. It’s pretty disgusting. She also eats Fromm’s Whitefish & Potato, so the Newman’s is not her sole diet.

    I may switch her to homemade, since my other dog eats a vet-recipe, homemade dog food due to having had several bouts of pancreatitis. If anyone has any suggestions for a good-quality, American-made dog food, I’m open to suggestions because I really don’t feel like cooking for two dogs!

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    Z B

    I like hound & gatos brand. I order from and

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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