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    Just a heads up if you feed any of the Acana Singles (Chicken/potato, lamb/apple, duck/pear). They are removing oats from lamb and duck (chicken will stay the same), so it’ll be grain free. They are also adding another flavor, pork and butternut squash. Oats are being replaced with legumes which quite frankly I’m not sure is the best thing, but it may work better for dogs with sensitivities.

    here are the pdf to the pork formula to give you an idea what it’ll look like, the protein level will be the same in all 3 formula.


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    Thank you for posting this. This looks VERY promising for my dog. He can’t have oats & there’s no poultry, sweet potato or salmon/white fish either – the usual ingredients I have to bypass. It looks like all 3 varieties are an option (that’s a first).

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    I had seen that. What made me go looking was that my local store was completely out of the lamb/apple, which always makes me suspicious. I do NOT like the fact that they appear to have added canola oil to them, and the calories are lower. Add to that the fiber has more than doubles(prev 3%, now 6.5%) Not sure until I try them if its better or not..sigh..

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    Hi Dchassett- The joint/mobility chewables did not work for my old man, but I am giving the longevity to all, and those that had minor issues seem to be doing well.

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    I was really curious about their Longevity product. I like that it contains both bee pollen and spirulina.

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    I absolutely LOVED the original formula of the Acana line. they keep “improving” the products. My dogs did poorly on the new formulation, and I”m not even going to bother trying the latest improvement.

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    Hi Mountainhound. Though I have no objection to any of the ingredients specifically, it does seem as though there are an awful lot of lentils, peas and garbanzo beans. Just thought I’d add my thoughts for anyone thinking about this food. I feed raw, but if I were to go back to feeding kibble I would not feed this change up. When I was feeding kibble Acana Pacifica was in my rotation, none of the dogs did particularly well on it. Not anything really bad other than my allergy prone sensitive stomach girl who couldn’t eat the Acana. I eventually switched to all raw because of her. They are doing fabulous now EXCEPT Spring has come to Atlanta and, of course, allergy girl also has environmental allergies. So bad that I’ve had to put her on Benadryl twice a day for the last couple of days. I hate it!!!!!

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    I agree, I don’t care for the changes. I think since the cost of meat is rising, they are cutting corners and bulking up the food with plant protein.

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    Dori, I don’t know much, but I’ve heard tons of people use local raw honey for allergies. Have you ever tried that for your girl?

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    We used to feed Acana but had to stop when they started adding so many peas, lentils, etc. That seems to be the new trend here to keep the protein high.

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    Hi Shasta. No I’ve never tried local raw honey. Do you know anything more about it? Where do you buy something like that? Also wondering if and when I find it, how much do you give? I swear I’m willing to try anything that anyone has had any luck with. This seasonal allergy is prove to me awful for her and it’s just started. I just heard on the news this morning that this allergy season is predicted to be one of the worst in history here in the South. YUCK YUCK!!!!!!

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