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    Renee A

    Hi, My lab is allergic to many things, but she can eat lamb. I bought Canidae and they liked it and now buying Blue Buffalo Basics lamb/potato. They like this too. I thought the ingredients on Canidae were not as good as with Blue, but Dogfoodadvisor rates Blue below Canidae. Can I get your opinions? Thank you.

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    Did you read the article “How We Rate Dog Food”? It could be that the ratings are different because of the varying protein amounts in the product lines.

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    Blue has lower meat content in the Basics line (as does every single protein line of food). DFA bases its reviews on meat content.

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    Renee A

    Thank you. Our lab is 100 pounds and 4.5 years old and our other is 70 pounds and 8.5 years old. It’s hard to find something they both like and work for them. Thank you again your help.

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