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    P G

    Anybody know how the Calcium Content Calculator located on this page works?


    I’m putting together a spreadsheet of my own and I can’t quite figure out how the calculation is done. Thanks!

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    Hi P G-

    The calcium calculator will not give you an accurate read out if you use the dry matter or as fed calcium and phosphorus. It has to be the average or MAX calcium and phos levels.

    You will either need to look for a nutrient or typical analysis on the companies website or email them for the info. If they are unwilling to provide you with that info, I would pass on using a food from that company.

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    Hi P.G.

    It is a very simple calculation. Divide the % Ca by the number of kcals/kg then multiply the result by 10,000.

    The percent Calcium tells you how many grams of Ca are in 100 grams of food. 1.2% Ca is equivalent to saying there are 1.2 grams of Ca in every 100 grams of food.

    If you multiply the % Ca by a factor of 10 that gives you how many grams of Calcium are in a thousand grams of food ( kg) of food; in this case 12

    We want to know how many grams of Calcium are in a kcal of food. If the food had 3500 kcals/kg dividing 12 grams/kg by 3500 kcals/kg = .0034grams Calcium/kcal

    It is typical to express nutrients on a “per thousand” kcal basis. So multiply the number of grams in a kcal by 1000. In this case the result is 3.4 grams/1000kcals

    To state another way (1.2 x 10/3500) X 1,000/1 =3.4 grams/kg which is the same as 1.2/3500 X 1000 X 10 or 1.2/3500 x 10,000.

    Hope this helps!

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    P G

    Many thanks for your help and advice pitluv and aimee! I came up with another formula that gives the same results as the DFA calculator:

    Ca % * 1000 / (kcals / 1000)

    (where kcals = kcals/kg)

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