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    Andrea C

    We have two fur babies: a female husky (9.5 years) and a miniature pinscher (10.5 years) who are both now suffering from chronic UTI’s and incontinence. According to our vet, they are healthy. We have run several blood tests, imagine, urinalysis and we cannot figure out why in the world they are both getting UTI’s so often. Curious if anybody here has similar issues with their dog. We feed them Stella & Chewy freeze dried and kibble mix. The min pin started with her incontinence about 3 years ago and UTI’s started about 6 months ago. The husky started getting her UTI’s (and now what seems like incontinence as well) just recently, about 2 weeks ago. We have no idea if the diet could be a cause for this? they are both indoor dogs and are walked 3-4 times a day.

    These are my thoughts:

    1. Stella & Chewy – from what i’ve read, there have been a few recalls of their products? i’m wondering if their food can affect their pH balance? i also read some foods can cause urinary crystals and/or possibly affect the kidney’s. is this permanent damage or can it be treated (naturally or medicine), and how?
    2. We live in a community with TONS of construction going on. there is so much dust and grime in the air and grass and dirt. could this be a reason?
    3. is there some sort of contagious disease or just anything that could have been transferred from the min pin to the husky? some sort of contagious disease that includes chronic UTI’s and/or incontinence? i know bladder issues aren’t usually contagious, but we do find it strange that one dog suffered from these issues first (worsened throughout the 3 years and UTI’s started only 6 or so months ago) and the second dog is..

    Any and all advise would be greatly appreciated. Cheers xx

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