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    Melissa H

    I’m looking for a durable chew bone for my aggressive chewer. I’ve tried antlers before. But I’m afraid of her breaking her teeth. I don’t like rawhide. What do you suggest?

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    Hope these articles help.
    The only thing I give my dogs to chew is a raw carrot as a snack once a day. Watch them, if they are gulpers they could choke.
    For dental, once a day brushings and annual checkups.

    This is not veterinary advice; consult your veterinarian.

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    Hi Melissa have you tried raw chicken wings, chicken carcass, turkey legs etc, Chicken bone is the softest bone to digest & excellent for teeth cleaning, also it will depend how big your dog is with what type of bone you give…
    Don’t give raw carrot, dogs don’t make the digestive enzymes to digest raw whole plant matter that’s why raw fruit & vegetables must be grounded into a pulp when added to a raw diet, the carrot will come back out whole in their poo also the dog will chew the carrot once twice & swallow carrot whole…
    Has she broken her teeth with the Antlers?? they are very popular…. My boy loves to chew & is also an aggressive chewer but he has IBD so he just chews his balls & those toys for teeth cleaning, I don’t give any of these new air dried treats….
    Have you seen these chews made by “Ziwi Peak” Deer Shank Bone, Deer Hoofer dog bone’s …

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