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    Hi: I have a 14 week old Bernie doodle puppy that’s currently on Fromm Gold large breed puppy food for over 1 month now. But he has had diarrhea and very loose stools for the past 3 weeks. Gone to vet and all check up is ok, but vet put him on an antibiotic/deworming and Probiotic. His stools firmed up a bit for a few days and now back to loose stools. I have done a lot of research including reading all your posts on here, thanks to all. But I don’t know which food to switch him to or if I should even switch him. I like what I have researched about the Fromm Gold large puppy food. But also would like his stools to be more film. Thanks for your advice.

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    Mix some real food (cooked chicken, scrambled egg) in with the kibble plus a little water.
    The kibble is only good as a base 2/3 to 1/2 of the diet. Kibble, no matter how much you pay for it, is not enough. Just my opinion.

    Also, don’t free feed, leave food out all day. Feed twice a day, measured amounts, if the dog doesn’t eat after 10 minutes pick up and store in the fridg, offer at the next meal time.
    It’s okay if the dog skips a meal or two, don’t panic unless the dog has eaten no solid food for 3 days.
    Just make sure the dog is drinking water, have fresh water available 24/7.

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    Hi L C-

    Was the breeder feeding him Fromm Large Breed Puppy or a different brand of food?

    Also in your other post you said he was 14 months old, but in this one he is 14 weeks old. Can you clarify which age he is as that matters a lot.

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    Did your vet do a stool sample that was sent out to a lab to check specifically for Giardia and/or Coccidia?
    I would ask your vet about doing another round of dewormer, antibiotics, and probiotics. Sometimes it takes two courses to kill those nasty parasites. Some of the probiotics that I’ve used with success are made by Purina, Thorne, VetriScience and The Honest Kitchen.

    Good luck with your puppy. It sounds like an adorable breed.

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    thanks. breeder was feeding Blue Wilderness, but I tried that too and still loose stools and
    I prefer Fromm.

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    Thanks, yes, checked all and no prrasites or worms or anything.

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    Thanks , will try.

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