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    I have a super hardy aussie/lab named Abby who lived on the street until she was about a year old, and she has always been able to eat anything, strongest stomach of any dog I’ve ever had. I rotated proteins regularly and she has never had any issues before. Fast forward, I got a bag of evanger’s gf chicken and sweet potato free from a rep and after I got through about 2/3 of the bag, Abby and my two cockers started getting scabs and bumps and were always chewing at themselves and scratching constantly. I immediately switched them off the food and went to Acana duck and pear, which they had done well on before. My two cockers got better almost immediately, but Abby seems to have gotten worse. I then tried Acana lamb and apple, and switched her raw food (she gets half kibble and half raw) to primal lamb. She has been getting that for about 5 days and I still don’t notice a change. I just don’t know what to do. This is so out of the blue and unlike her. Could it be something besides the food? Please help.

    Only other info I can imagine would possibly have to do with this is:
    -she recently moved with me from Missouri to Arizona (about a year ago), and it is springtime but I can’t imagine it’s seasonal allergies.
    -she also gets pure salmon oil & plaqueoff daily.

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    I’d go vet & have a skin scrap to see that its not mites & see what type of skin problem it is, so it can be treated.. have you try washing Abby in Malaseb shampoo for skin problems, It could be seasonal from the new enviroment, the other 2 dogs may have just cleared up after you have bathed them or did something but Abby is a different breed of dog so she may need something more like creams to help clear her skin,

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    Thank you so much for the reply — finally got an appt with the vet to do a skin scrape. Came back with nothing, which is good and bad I guess. :/ going to try giving her a bath with the medicated shampoo, hopefully it will get better. She’s so miserable right now. 🙁

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